Quality Improvement Committee

This committee supports the development, dissemination and promotion of national clinical guidelines, standards and clinical audits for care processes or outcomes in child health, in order to provide clinicians and patients with guidance on health conditions that would benefit from a national co-ordinated approach. It ensures the focus on quality improvement in training and practice.

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The Committee includes internal and external representatives, including The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, National Guideline Alliance and Contact a Family.


  • Lead and oversee all quality improvement activities for clinical standards
  • Act as a source of advice to the RCPCH Council and Executive Committee in relation to clinical standards and evidence-based practice, and quality improvement
  • Ensure that clinical guidelines and other guidance addressing the needs of children and young people have adequate paediatric involvement and are developed according to rigorous standards
  • Help ensure that College members are motivated to get involved in national guideline development and paediatrics are kept on the national agenda
  • Ensure that evidence-based clinical standards underpin all College activities, and where appropriate, to engage with other Colleges on clinical standards issues relating to children and young people
  • Ensure education and training implementation of quality standards

Committee Chair

Professor Nick Bishop

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the committee's work, please contact clinical.standards@rcpch.ac.uk.