RCPCH members and others lead on our mission to to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the world through our Board of Trustees, Council and diverse committes in education and training, research and policy, listed here.

Child Protection Standing Committee

This committee is responsible for championing the safeguarding agenda for children and young people. It advises on matters relating to child protection – preventing violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

Child Protection Subcommittee - Scotland

This subcommittee informs the Scottish Committee and the Standing committee on Child Protection matters pertinent to child protection in Scotland. It is a multidisciplinary committee that meets three times a year.

Health Improvement Committee

This committee - which used to be called the Health Promotion Committee - aims to promote health and prevent childhood disease. It provides consistent policy, guidance, education and training and workforce development on relevant issues.

Health Services Committee

This committee advises on national health policies and standards for children and young people and also provides advice on service improvements for children’s health services. Recent work has considered the impact of COVID-19 on paediatrics and the child health workforce, on the mental health of ...

Mentoring Champions Network

Mentoring provides valuable support to paediatricians throughout their careers. This network aims to support paediatricians who are keen to promote mentoring within their organisation. If you are a Mentoring Champion, please log in to view all content on this page.

Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine Intercollegiate SAC

The purpose of the PICM ISAC is to supervise the development and delivery of training and assessment standards in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine as set out by its parent specialty(ies). The Committee will function and be recognised as the official CSAC for all matters relating to Paediatric Inte...