RCPCH members and others work together on our Board of Trustees, Council and multiple committees in education and training, research and policy to improve child health in the UK and internationally.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has overall scrutiny and oversight of the College’s activities, with a particular focus on assurance around risk, financial issues, and ensuring fulfilment of its charitable objects. Council and Executive Committee both report directly to the Board of Trustees.


Council is the representative body of the members and is established by the College’s Bye-Laws. Council's purpose is development of the College’s strategy and annual business plans (which are approved by the Board of Trustees), communication of the views of members so that these can be reflected in ...

Academic Training Committee

The committee consists of consultants from regions across the UK and the devolved nations. The representatives advise trainees undertaking an academic programme in paediatrics, raise academic training issues within their region, and bring them to the attention of the College. The Committee is respon...

BPSU Partnership Board

The officers of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit are responsible to the Scientific Committee, which in turn is accountable to the BPSU Partnership Board. The Partnership Board was established in 2014 and comprises representation from the three parent bodies of the BPSU, the RCPCH, Department...

BPSU Scientific Committee

The British Paediatric Surveillance Unit Scientific Committee oversees the scientific matters of the BPSU, providing advice and support for researchers wishing to undertake surveillance of rare paediatric disorders through the BPSU 'electronic orange card' reporting scheme.

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) Committee

The CESR is for doctors who wish to join the Specialist Register, whose specialist training, qualifications or experience was partly or completely acquired outside of an approved CCT (certificate of completion of training) programme. This committee supports this process.

Child Mental Health CSAC

The College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) supervise the development and delivery of subspecialty training and the assessment standards. CSACs are sub-committees of our Training and Quality Board, which helps the College set these standards within a training programme that is recognised by th...

Child Protection Standing Committee

This committee is responsible for championing the safeguarding agenda for children and young people. It advises on matters relating to child protection – preventing violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

Child Protection Sub Committee - Scotland

This subcommittee informs the Scottish Committee and the Standing committee on Child Protection matters pertinent to child protection in Scotland. It is a multidisciplinary committee that meets three times a year.