RCPCH members and others work together on our Board of Trustees, Council and multiple committees in education and training, research and policy to improve child health in the UK and internationally.

Children and Young People's Engagement Committee

The Children and Young People's Engagement Committee was established in 2016 to bring together children, young people, parents, carers and paediatricians to support the development of active participation and involvement of under 25s in RCPCH.

Clinical Quality in Practice Committee

Originally established as the Quality of Practice Committee in 1996 to oversee the RCPCH Clinical Effectiveness Programme and to act as the College's 'guardian' for setting standards for paediatric practice, this committee supports the development, dissemination and promotion of clinical guidelines,...

Community Child Health CSAC

The College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) supervise the development and delivery of subspecialty training and the assessment standards. CSACs are sub-committees of our Education and Training Quality Committee, which helps the College set these standards within a training programme that is re...

Education and Training Executive

Education and Training Executive (ETE) was founded in December 2020 following a restructure of the Education and Training Division's committees. It has subsumed Education and Training Divisional Committee, Education and Training Quality Committee and International Education Board. ETE's purpose is t...

Ethics and the Law Advisory Committee (ELAC)

The ELAC is the College lead on interpreting the principles of ethics as they underpin day-to-day medical practice. The Committee looks at the constantly evolving legal and ethical worlds and how they interact within the paediatric field.

Heads of School Committee

The Heads of Schools develop, deliver and quality manage paediatric specialty training in the UK. This includes strategy setting for paediatrics in line with the RCPCH curriculum. The committee facilitates communication and educational development between schools and the College. It disseminates inf...

Health Improvement Committee

This committee - which used to be called the Health Promotion Committee - aims to promote health and prevent childhood disease. It provides consistent policy, guidance, education and training and workforce development on relevant issues.

Health Services Committee

This committee advises on national health policies and standards for children and young people and also provides advice on service improvements for children’s health services. Recent work has considered the impact of COVID-19 on paediatrics and the child health workforce, on the mental health of ...