RCPCH members lead on the College’s mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’ through committees.

Health Improvement Committee

This committee - which used to be called the Health Promotion Committee - aims to promote health and prevent childhood disease. It provides consistent policy, guidance, education and training and workforce development on relevant issues.

Informatics for Quality Committee

The aims and objectives of the Informatics for Quality Committee is to support child health professionals with the use, collection and analysis of data to improve children's health.

International Education Board

This page provides a brief overview of the International Education Board's remit and provides agendas, papers and minutes of meetings for those who are members of the Board.

Ireland Committee

This committee allows paediatricians to act as advocates for the College in Northern Ireland in relation to media, public affairs and health policy work. It offers input and advice on member focused activity such as courses and events.

Less Than Full Time Training Advisors Committee

This committee comprises consultants from regions in the UK. These representatives advise trainees and raise less than full time (LTFT) training issues within their region, and bring them to the attention of the College.

Medicines Committee

The Medicines Committee is a collaborative standing committee with joint membership between RCPCH and Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group (NPPG). Meeting three times a year, it advises external agencies and supports a range of activities to ensure that the medications prescribed for children a...

Mentoring Champions Network

Mentoring provides valuable support to paediatricians throughout their careers. This network aims to support paediatricians who are keen to promote mentoring within their organisation. If you are a Mentoring Champion, please log in to view all content on this page.

Neonatal Medicine CSAC

The College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) supervise the development and delivery of subspecialty training and the assessment standards. CSACs are sub-committees of our Education and Training Quality Committee, which helps the College set these standards within a training programme that is re...