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Our member magazine is published every three months and sent to you as an RCPCH member by post. It showcases all the latest news and events from the College and beyond.

Spring 2019 edition

Looking back at the first RCPCH International conference in Cairo, the 2018 Member Survey and some top tips to tackle burnout. Now with new regular features including a day in the life of a paediatrician...

We outline our hopes for the NHS England Long Term Plan, consider solutions to winter pressures and introduce Paediatrics 2040, our two-year project on the future of paediatrics.
We look at child health and the political landscape, meet the new ICYP Engagement committee, introduce a new course series and explore neonatal care findings.
We mark August's launch of RCPCH Progress, the new paediatric curriculum, look at how we're making a difference in diabetes care and bring you new emergency care standards.

Member news


Council meeting summary - February 2019

The College's Council last met on 13 February 2019. The main topics discussed were an update on membership engagement, the workforce briefing from last December and the creation of a Nominations committee. Further details are below.