Volunteering opportunities: Area Officer - North West England

England Area Officers represent the views of members in their area at Council and report back RCPCH activities and Council discussions to their members.
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Responsibilities of the role

  • To seek and represent the views of members in the English Area at Council and in other meetings and to report back to members 
  • To oversee and represents RCPCH regions within their area,  together with the Regional Leads (see map of regions). 
  • To communicate (through the college) with members in their area.  For example, a summary of activity could be send by email every four months, leading up to each council meeting. Area Officers can inform their constituents of future Council meetings and topics that were discussed during Council meetings. Council minutes are finished in draft and circulated roughly 3 to 4 weeks after Council took place. Area Officers can write brief summaries on discussed Council topics and / or take excerpts of Council minutes and circulate via email or via attending locally held meetings. When using excerpts of Council minutes RCPCH will check whether there is anything controversial prior to sending out emails. 
  • To sign post members to college staff and resources provided by the college 
  • To read council papers which are circulated 5 working days before a Council meeting. 
  • To endeavour to have representation from the Area Officer’s area at every Council meeting, either via the Area Officer or a deputised Regional Lead. 
  • To facilitate the Clinical Excellence Award (CEA)citation process. There is a “how to” guide which describes this process.
  • To contribute to RCPCH strategy
  • To participate in annual appraisal 

Apply by 1 November, 09:30