Getting child health on the political agenda - #childhealthmatters

The RCPCH's #childhealthmatters campaign aims to secure policy commitments from political parties that will improve the health and lives of children and young people.

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About #childhealthmatters

What's the problem?

Although progress has been made in some areas such as the establishment of Children and Young People’s Outcome Forum, child health remains relatively low on the political agenda.

And despite the current Government, on election, pledging to make Britain ‘the most family friendly country in the world’, the emphasis has been largely on meeting the needs of the ageing population. As crucial as this is, there is a real danger that without equal investment in children and young people’s health, the nation will be storing up problems that will manifest themselves in future generations.

In addition to this, children’s hospital services are not sustainable with too many unspecialised units and not enough staff – one of the many factors that could be hindering child health outcome improvements for this country.

What is #childhealthmatters aiming to achieve?

Our #childhealthmatters campaign aims to raise awareness amongst the public and politicians of the need to improve child health in the UK. By doing so, its ambition is to secure policy commitments from political parties and the Government that will improve the health and lives of children and young people.

You can read our 100 day child health challenge to the new Government (PDF).

Five ways you can help us improve child health outcomes

If you are interested in contributing to the #Childhealthmatters campaign, there are five main ways you can get involved:

  1. Join our Parliamentary Panel of members to lobby politicians
  2. Follow the campaign on Twitter @RCPCHTweets and Facebook
  3. Speak on behalf of the College to the media, by joining our Press Panel
  4. Subscribe to the Daily Press Cuttings to receive the healthcare developments as reported across the UK media
  5. If you are an organisation who is calling for a similar recommendation as the RCPCH, we are keen to hear from you - email 

News and blogs

A collection of our responses and blog pieces:

At the 2014 political party conferences, the RCPCH, Royal College of Psychiatrists and YoungMinds united to hold joint fringe events. These made the case for greater political attention to be given to child and adolescent mental health.

Some articles from the conferences:

Campaign materials

Child health: a challenge to the new Government - the first 100 days (PDF, 64KB)

Making the UK's child health outcomes comparable to the rest of the world: A vision for 2015 (PDF, 517KB) - in our Vision 2015 document, we outline recommended actions for the next Westminster Government. 

Party conference pamphlet (PDF, 558KB) - co-written by the RCPCH, Royal College of Psychiatrists and YoungMinds

Get involved

If you want to find out how you can get involved with this campaign - as an organisation or individual - please contact