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The RCPCH is working with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - an organisation which represents medical professionals working across the UK - to deliver a campaign which aims to reduce childhood obesity.


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About the AoMRC obesity campaign

What's the problem?

The UK has the highest rate of childhood obesity in Western Europe with a third of children overweight or obese by the time they reach the age of nine.

This increasing level of obesity means more children are being diagnosed and treated for conditions such as type two diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, and all at a much younger age. In addition to this, these obesity related conditions are putting increased pressure on the health service which simply cannot be sustained - the direct cost of obesity to the NHS is estimated to be £4.2bn a year.

What is the campaign aiming to achieve?

In February 2013, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) launched its Measuring Up report which acted as a springboard for this campaign. It highlighted 10 areas of action which it felt would help combat the obesity epidemic.

Theses areas of action included:

  • Food-based standards to be mandatory in all UK hospitals
  • A ban on new fast food outlets being located close to schools and colleges
  • A duty on all sugary soft drinks, increasing the price by at least 20%, to be piloted
  • Traffic light food labelling to include calorie information for children and adolescents – with visible calorie indicators for restaurants, especially fast food outlets
  • £100m in each of the next three years to be spent on increasing provision of weight management services across the country
  • A ban on advertising of foods high in saturated fats, sugar and salt before the 9pm watershed
  • Existing mandatory food- and nutrient-based standards in England to be statutory in free schools and academies 

A year on from its launch, the RCPCH issued its 'report card' which gave a progress update on each of the 10 recommendations, highlighting what has been achieved, what needed more work but had made some progress and what still needed addressing.

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