A Beginner Guide to Genomic Testing - Who, what and how

The availability and accessibility of genomic technologies for diagnostics has rapidly increased over the past decade. This has required many clinical professionals to request and deliver the results of different types of genomic testing, often in highly multidisciplinary teams. 

At this webinar, hear from Dr Harry Leitch (Academic Clinical Lecturer in Genetics and MRC Investigator), to learn more about the process of genetic testing for your paediatric patients.
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This event is free of charge. The deadline to register is Monday 27 March, 10:00.

Across the UK, the use of genomics is expanding, following the provision of the Genomic Medicine Services and the roll-out of the Genomics England-led Newborn Screening Programme.

There are numerous types of genomic technologies now available to clinicians, each with their own advantages and uses, including exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, and trio sequencing. There can also be complexities in requesting and delivering results of genetic tests to paediatric patients and their families, often involving highly multi-disciplinary teams. However the outcome of receiving a diagnosis through genomic technologies can be life-changing.

In this webinar, Dr Harry Leitch will highlight the process of requesting and delivering genetic testing, and the types of tests available. The webinar will also have time dedicated to an audience question and answer session.

For any queries please contact: genomics@rcpch.ac.uk

Learning outcomes

  • Understand more about the types of tests available and what different tests do
  • Be aware of the process for requesting genomic testing
  • Actively consider how genetic testing is used for diagnostics in the clinic, and how these approaches could translate to your local area


Welcome and introductions - Dr Ngozi Edi-Osagie, Webinar Chair; RCPCH Officer for Genomics; Consultant Neonatologist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

The ’who, what, how’ of genetic testing - Dr Harry Leitch, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Genetics; Medical Research Council Investigator; RCPCH Genomics Working Group member

Q&A - Dr Ngozi Edi-Osagie and Dr Harry Leitch

Close - Dr Ngozi Edi-Osagie