Child Protection Special Interests Group and Child Protection Standing Committee

Part of the RCPCH conference and exhibition 2019
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ICC Birmingham
United Kingdom

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CHAIR: Dr Elaine Burfitt, CPSIG Chair

  • 1430-1440: Welcome and CPSC/CPSIG updates, Dr Elaine Burfitt
  • 1440-1455: Emerging themes in child protection, Dr Alison Steele
  • 1455-1515: Healthcare access for children on the move and migrants (invited speaker – to be confirmed)
  • 1515-1525: Questions and answers
  • 1525-1545: Being me: children and young people

1545-1615: Refreshment break, exhibition and poster viewing

CHAIR: Alison Steele, RCPCH Officer for Child Protection 

  • 1615-1630: Children and young people presentation on a safeguarding project in Warrington (invited speaker)
  • 1630-1640: Neglect of medical needs in childhood - closing the knowledge gap, Miss Anna Hendry, G79
  • 1640-1650: Questions and answers
  • 1650-1700:  Meeting the needs of children and their carers following sexual abuse: evaluating experience and outcomes associated with a new service delivery, Dr A Goddard, G80 
  • 1700-1710: What are these doctors thinking? Dr Elaine Buffitt, G81 
  • 1710-1720: Questions and answers
  • 1720-1730: Abusive head trauma in infants: incidence and detection of prior brain injury, Ms N Sirmai, G82 
  • 1730-1740: ICON babies cry, you can cope: pilot of abusive head trauma prevention campaign in general practice, Mrs Kim Jones, G83
  • 1740-1750: Questions and answers


  • The importance of time elapsed since an episode of alleged child sexual abuse in the discovery of positive findings on later examination, Miss Emily Woolley, G84(P)
  • Simulation improves medical students’ confidence in recognising child safeguarding issues, Dr Anona McAvoy-Yau, G85(P)
  • Protocols for the management of anogenital warts in primary care, Dr Fiona Finlay, G86(P)
  • Assessing the unmet health needs of children seen after suspected child sexual zbuse, Dr Cassie Coleman, G87(P)
  • Mandatory child protection training: does it make a difference? Miss Rhiannon Hoggins, G88(P) 
  • Is enough being done to safeguard young offenders? Dr Lindsey Rowley, G89(P)
  • Auditing the use of medical photography (MP) in suspected Non-Accidental Injury (NAI) cases in a community paediatric setting, Dr Nicholas Ward, G91(P)
  • Knowledge of female genital anatomy amongst medical professionals, Dr Louise Woodgate, G92(P) 
  • Does the TEN4 clinical decision rule distinguish bruises from physical abuse from inherited bleeding disorders and accidental injury? Professor Alison Kemp, G93(P)
  • Brain injury screening in suspected physical abuse: time to rethink? Dr Kathryn Glenn, G94(P)
  • Auditing the summary and opinion sections of child protection reports against the guidelines set out in the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Child Protection Companion, Dr Thomas Cromarty, G95(P)
  • A qualitative study of professionals’ understanding of the vulnerabilities of deaf children to maltreatment, Miss Natasha Wilcock, G96(P)
  • Follow-up skeletal surveys in safeguarding investigations – what is the evidence? Miss Shweta Modayur, G97(P)
  • Demystifying the 'Paediatric Assessment', Ms T Fautz, G98(P)
  • Sextortion: a new Angle in sexual violence against children, Professor Asvini Fernando, G99(P)
  • Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding corporal and humiliating punishment among school teachers in the Anuradhapura Educational Zone, Ms P T D Chathurika, G100(P) 
  • A qualitative audit of child maltreatment assessment: hearing the child’s voice, Dr Anna Page, G101(P)
  • Working together in 2018: How can we make child protection medical examinations work to safeguard children? Dr Paul de Keyser, G102(P)
  • Impact of standards issued by RCPCH on quality of child protection reports: An 8-year Review of Practice, Dr K Jayaprakash, G103(P)
  • Why do we send some children for medical photography (MP) in suspected Non-Accidental Injury (NAI) cases and not others? A review of MP in a community paediatric setting, Dr Nicholas Ward,G104(P)

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