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Part of the RCPCH conference and exhibition 2019
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ICC Birmingham
United Kingdom

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1430-1440    Presentation of ICHG awards (exact title to be confirmed)

1440-1500    Keynote – title and speaker to be advised

1500-1510    Hypothermia prevalence and risk factors in admitted neonates and impact on outcomes at a tertiary neonatal unit, Rwanda- a cross-sectional study, Dr Peter Cartledge, G264 

1510-1520    Neonatal Hypothermia – still a serious problem in a low-income country, Dr Friyana Dastur Mackenzie, G265 

1520-1530    Improving knowledge and confidence in parents to care for their neonates using video education: an interventional study in a resource-limited setting, Dr A Wilson, G266 

1530-1540    Instigation of Routine Monitoring in Babies in a Myanmar Hospital, Dr Charlotte Parbery-Clark, G267 

1545-1615    Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing

1615-1625    Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Physical Child Abuse in Malawi: An Explorative Quantitative Study, Miss Eimear Blaney, G268 

1625-1745    RCPCH Sustainability seminar – title tbc


  • Design of an Assessment Tool to Evaluate Neonatal Care Practice Across a Rural Province in Cambodia, Dr Nicola Smith, G269(P) 
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Knowledge, Perception and Preventive Practice of Caregivers of Children Seen in a Tertiary Hospital in  Southeast Nigeria, Dr Chikosolu Okiche, G270(P)
  • Parental migration for labour and health in children and adolescents left-behind children: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Dr Delan Devakumar, G271(P) 
  • Characteristics and Outcomes of Small for Gestational Age (SGA) Neonates at a Tertiary Hospital Neonatal Unit in Rwanda –A Cross-sectional Study, Dr Peter Cartledge, G272(P) 
  • Developing a Core Outcome Set for a congenital abnormalities surveillance program in Rwanda – a Delphi consensus study, Dr Peter Cartledge, G273(P)
  • Infection screening in unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. Dr Mary Boullier, G274(P)
  • Hats for Hypothermia, Dr Kate Macfarlane, G275(P)
  • The International In-Training Examination (I-ITE) as a tool to measure pediatric knowledge acquisition by Rwandan pediatric residents, Dr Peter Cartledge, G276(P)
  • Worldwide short course education programmes in epilepsy for paediatricians - are they effective? Dr Alison Gifford, G277(P) 
  • Predictive value of persistent NS1 antigen positivity for dengue haemorrhagic fever, Dr Mihira Manamperi, G278(P) 
  • In Situ Repeated Simulation Training in Paediatric Departments Improves Treatment Times and Reduces Latent Errors, Dr Johanna Gaiottino, G279(P) 
  • Non-disclosure of foreign travel by parents - neglect? Dr S Samar, G280(P) 
  • Transforming Neonatal Learning in Rural Cambodia: Design of a Comprehensive Neonatal Training Programme for Midwives, Nurses and Doctors in a Rural Province in Cambodia, Dr Ailbhe McGrath, G281(P) 
  • Educational Outcomes of Helping Babies Breathe Training in Rural Rwanda, Dr Kate Macfarlane, G282(P) 
  • Impact of adversity on early childhood growth & development in rural india: findings from the spring cluster-randomised controlled trial, Dr Sunil Bhopal, G283(P) 
  • Where do the children play? A cross-sectional analysis of children’s activities in rural Gambia and their risk of diarrhoea, Ms Ellen Harris Snell, G284(P) 
  • Evaluation of the Health Needs of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, Dr Anna Battersby, G285(P) 
  • Tuberculosis in a Victim of Human Trafficking- A Missed Opportunity, Dr Janani Devaraja, G286(P)
  • Compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction in volunteer counsellors in one stop child sexual abuse centres in Malawi: a descriptive qualitative study, Mr James Durkan, G287(P)
  • Volunteering to Improve Paediatric Oncology Services in Low-Middle Income Countries, Miss Meg Collington, G288(P)
  • A systematic review of household and family alcohol misuse and adolescent behavioural outcomes in low- and middle-income countries, Ms Emma Alexander, G289(P) 
  • A systematic review of household and family alcohol misuse and childhood developmental outcomes in low- and middle-income countries, Ms Emma Alexander, G290(P) 
  • Caustic Soda Ingestion in Children Admitted to a Community Hospital in Sierra Leone: A Study of The Health Impacts, Dr Mariama Turay, G291(P) 
  • An audit of neonatal admissions to a rural hospital in South-Western Uganda, Dr C Acton, G292(P) 
  • Towards Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT)++: Introducing basic paediatric trauma management skills in rural Ghana, Dr David James, G293(P) 
  • Lessons learned: ‘small successes’, simple adjustment, great changes; International Mentor perspectives, Dr Romanie Hannah, G294(P) 
  • Antimicrobial prescribing patterns in fever related admissions to a tertiary hospital paediatric emergency department in China, Dr Sida Mao, G295(P)
  • Attitudes to Duty of Candour in Bhutan, Dr Mark Lee, G296(P)
  • Clinical profiles, medical complications and quality of life of children diagnosed with thalassaemia major in Peradeniya Teaching Hospital, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G297(P) 
  • A Delphi-consensus study to identify the Core Clinical Information required for neonatal inter-hospital transport in a resource-limited setting, Dr Peter Cartledge, G298(P) 
  • Assessment of the impact of a self-directed departmental orientation on paediatric interns' preparedness for their placement, Dr Andrew Young, G299(P)
  • Global health partnerships - role of nursing collaborations in education and quality improvement, Ms K Turner, G300(P) 
  • Implementation of a clinical checklist in a low-resource NICU: A mixed-methods analysis of impact on untrained workers’ communication and documentation, Dr Romanie Hannah, G301(P)
  • Observation of variation in growth in children of Ginnoruwa - an established Chronic Kindey Disease of Unknown Origin (CKDu) Hotspot, Dr Maduri Raja, G302(P)
  • Successful treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculous meningitis in a child with HIV treatment failure, Dr Nisreen Khambati, G303(P)
  • Prescribing pattern of antibiotics in AL-Elwia Pediatric Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, 201, Dr Isam AL-Zwaini, G304(P) 
  • Paediatric and Neonatal Tetanus: A case series from Yemen, Dr Niamh O' Brien, G305(P)
  • Noma (cancrum oris) in a child with severe acute malnutrition in northern Nigeria, Dr Niamh O' Brien, G306(P)

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