Paediatricians in Medical Management

Part of the RCPCH conference and exhibition 2019
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ICC Birmingham
United Kingdom


The Paediatricians in Medical Management committee will lead discussion on the ambitions laid out in each nation’s long-term plan for child health. The session will explore what is needed to ensure successful delivery of each plan, including the implications for the child health workforce. The symposium will close with the annual child health debate on emerging models of age appropriate care and whether paediatrics should stop at age 16.


14.30-14.40    Welcome from the Chair, Dr Mike Linney, Chair of the Paediatricians in Medical Management Committee 

14.40-14.55    NHS England’s Long Term Plan, RCPCH President, Prof Russell Viner

14.55-15.10    Welsh Government’s long-term plan for the future of health and social care in Wales, Officer for Wales, Dr David Tuthill
15.10-15.25    Scottish Government’s Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Action Plan, Office for Scotland, Prof Steve Turner 

15.25-15.40    Department of Health Northern Ireland’s Strategy for Paediatric Healthcare Services Provided in Hospitals and in the Community, Officer for Northern Ireland, Dr Raymond Nethercott 

15.40-15.50    The best laid plans and what this means for Trainees, PiMM Trainee rep Dr Emma Coombes 

15.55-16.15    Tea break

16.15-16.30    Putting Children at the Centre of Service Design, RCPCH &Us 

CHAIR: Dr Mike Linney

16.30-17.30    Child Health Debate – ‘This house believes that paediatrics should stop at age 16.’
Delegates will be presented with the affirmative argument for this statement, and from an opposing party. Each side will have 10 minutes to present their arguments before an open discussion is facilitated. The session will close with a final vote.  

17.30-17:45     Closing statements and vote

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