RCPCH-NIHR Academic Trainees Day 2023

A full day of workshops and guest speakers aimed at researchers and trainees looking to develop their careers within paediatric research.

This event is postponed due to planned industrial action in the NHS. It was due to take place on 15 March, and we'll announce a new date shortly.
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Spaces still available
This is a free, virtual event. You can register your interest and select your workshops now, and we will contact you to confirm the date.

The Academic Trainees Day is suited for paediatric trainees who want to explore more opportunities within the ever developing world of research.

You will hear from high profile speakers in child health research and have the opportunity to network with others with similar interests.

There will be a selection of lectures and workshops to choose from to cater for you wherever you are in your academic career.

For further information, contact research@rcpch.ac.uk.

Plenary speakers

One of our plenary sessions will be hosted by they 2022 annual award winners of research. Every year the College hosts three research awards for best paper, best contribution to research and significant contributions to excellent patient engagement:

Dr Andrew McArdle

Dr Andrew McArdle - Winner of the Lorber Award for 'Best Scientific Paper Related to Paediatrics'

Dr Andrew McArdle is a paediatric infectious diseases and immunology trainee in London, currently studying for a PhD at Imperial College. He studies Kawasaki Disease and Multisystem Inflammatory Disease in Children and won our 2022 Lorber prize for his paper on Treatment of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, which was in response to an urgent need for evidence to support treatment decisions for children with multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

Dr Seilesh Kadambari

Dr Seilesh Kadambari - Winner of the Simon Newell Award for Excellence in Research and Outstanding Young Medical Research Worker

Seilesh Kadambari is a paediatric infectious diseases consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and honorary associate professor at the Institute of Child Health, UCL. He completed his training in paediatric infectious diseases at St George’s Hospital in London, John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

During his training, Seilesh spent three years working in the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Research Group at St George’s University of London and did his PhD in the field of congenital CMV and viral meningitis in young infants. During his clinical lectureship at the University of Oxford, Seilesh published the largest epidemiological study of congenital infections and hopes this will inform future
vaccine development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Seilesh engaged with over 200 community organisations that provide support for minority groups in the U.K to improve vaccine uptake. He also led a national surveillance study to describe the epidemiology of childhood infections during the pandemic.
Since completing his clinical lectureship at the University of Oxford, Seilesh has been developing research studies to improve our understanding of the management of congenital CMV and other
severe viral infections. In particular, he is conducting a series of epidemiological studies to better understand the burden of congenital CMV and potentially inform screening strategies and vaccine development.

Dr Julia Hackett

Dr Julia Hackett - Winner of the RCPCH-NIHR PIER Prize, Representing the Martin House Research Centre for Significant Contributions to Excellent Patient Engagement

Dr Julia Hackett is a Research Fellow in the Martin House Research Centre (MHRC), within the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. Dr Hackett specialises in applying qualitative methods to explore the care and support of children, young people, and young adults living with a life-limiting condition and/or medical complexity, and their families. She has extensive experience of palliative care, both from an adult and paediatric perspective.

The Martin House Research Centre undertake research concerning the care and support of children and young people with life-limiting conditions or medical complexity, their families and staff who care for and support this population. The MHRC works in partnership with young people, over 40 parents, other family members and relevant organisations to enhance the quality, relevance and impact of their research. Through their work and collaboration with families, the MHRC have been successfully awarded numerous NIHR grants. The MHRC demonstrate true commitment to PPI (patient and public involvement) partnership in research.


Researching Genomics - Lead By Professor Siddharth Banka and Dr Eleanor Hay

Explore clinical genetics as a speciality with Professor Siddharth Banka and Dr Eleanor Hay. Genetics & Genomics is a field that is rapidly progressing with new technological advancements as well as its introduction into mainstream medicine, which is why we have a workshop that aims to demonstrate this. Professor Banka and Dr Hay will be discussing the various types of research as well as guest feature a group of trainees who will present their research questions and how they gained the funding to begin their projects.

NIHR Learn - Lead By Dr Amanda Leslie

The NIHR Learn workshop, hosted by Dr Amanda Leslie aims to introduce trainees to the Learning Management System (LMS) platform the NIHR use to deliver a vast range of learning programmes and accredited courses for expanding and developing your knowledge of clinical research. Dr Leslie will be covering the benefits of e-learning in the modern world, discuss the API schemes and explore how researchers of all levels can gain more peer engagement in their projects via NIHR Learn.

Advice from the Trainee Research Network (Early and Later Career) - Lead By Dr Eva Wooding, Dr Matt Rogerson, Dr Claire Wood and Dr Chris Worth

The Trainee Research Network facilitates collaborative working and support across existing trainee research networks, both regionally and nationally. In this workshop Dr Eva Wooding, Dr Matt Rogerson, Dr Claire Wood and Dr Chris Worth will be delivering two varied workshops aimed for different career levels of research in order to provide relevant insight and guidance in your research career.

The morning workshop is aimed for those who have already started a career in research, the group will be exploring how you set up a regional trainee network, API schemes and delve into the practicalities of determining types of research.

The afternoon session will be focusing the discussion on the early stages of research career pathways. This is for trainees who have yet to begin research and are looking for pointers in how to get started. The group will be sharing their personal experiences, be it traditional or unorthodox ways in which clinicians can enter research and how API schemes can be another method of progression.

Strategic opportunities to improve your child health research - Dr Jeremy Parr from British Academy of Childhood Disability (BACD)

With successful experience in delivering workshops and training the British Academy of Childhood Disability (BACD) will be leading a workshop that initially focuses on the strategic research activities that have been successful for the British Academy of Childhood Disability over the last 15 years.

Subsequently, small groups of delegates will consider strategic initiatives that may be appropriate and feasible to undertake within their own speciality, and design a ‘mini strategic programme’ for presentation to the wider delegate group

Applied Child Health Informatics - To be confirmed

This workshop will be focusing on the use potential of data science to revolutionise medicine and discuss how implementing new data technology will improve personalised health care, decision-making and subsequently leverage legacy, genomic and Electronic Patient Record data to improve patient health.

Getting your Doctorate in Paediatric Research - Lead by Professor Alastair Sutcliffe

Professor Sutcliffe will be leading a workshop aimed at those who wish to get started in a career of research. This workshops aims to provide guidance and answer any questions you might have on the pathway of getting your PhD.

This interactive workshop will cover aspects such as; the pre-PhD work you will have to do, the process of acquiring funding as well as the written work and assessment steps required.

More details about the guest speakers and workshops will follow soon.

If you have any questions, please email us at research@rcpch.ac.uk.

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