RCPCHStart - Autumn 2019

This half-day assessment guides trainees (working in the UK) as they prepare for completion of training and practice as new consultant paediatricians. Applications are open until 24 June.
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Royal College of General Practitioners
30 Euston Square
Kings Cross
United Kingdom

Run-through trainees - £268 | Non run-through trainees - £850

RCPCHStart means Specialty Trainee Assessment of Readiness for Tenure. Successful applicants are allocated to one of the three-hour slots in the morning or afternoon of 30 September or 1 October.

RCPCHStart has a circuit of 12 stations, which assess different skills. The stations include scenario based discussions on acute disease, chronic problems, behaviour difficulties and neonatal care. Other scenarios include safeguarding, ward handover and ethics. There are also stations on critical appraisal and teaching.

You may also like to read the guidance for trainees by trainees - written by people who have themselves recently completed RCPCHStart. It's an informal insight into the process to help you understand the format and make the most of the learning opportunities it presents.

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