Specialty symposia - Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine

An afternoon exploring the latest advances in paediatric emergency medicine with sessions delivered by experts in these field. This is part of the RCPCH Conference Online 2021 programme.
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Dr Rachael Mitchell, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Jane Bayreuther, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, University Hospitals Southampton

15:30 - 16:10 - Managing the febrile child in the PIMS-TS era

Jon Adamson, PEM Consultant, Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital
Trisha Radia, General Paediatrician, King’s College Hospital
Miriam Fine-Goulden, Paediatric Intensivist, Evelina London and South Thames Retrieval Service
Alasdair Bamford, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, GOSH

16:10 - 16:25 - New Seasonal Variations in Respiratory Disease – What can we learn from Australia?
Meredith Borland, Paediatric Emergency Physician and the Director of Emergency Medicine at Perth Children’s Hospital in Perth, Western Australia

16:25 - 16:33 - The Unfulfilled Potential of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Training, India Barrons, Abstract 1460

16:33 - 16:41 - Tranexamic Acid in Paediatric Major Trauma: a TARN data analysis 2008-2020, Harriet Thorpe, Emergency Medicine Registrar, Abstract 1468

16:41 - 16:49 - Predicting serious bacterial infections in infants aged 90 days or less, Charlotte Munday, Abstract 793

16:49 - 16:57 - Understanding Responses of Paediatric Emergency Departments to the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic – A pan-European perspective, Katy Elizabeth Rose, Paediatric Speciality Registrar, University College London NHS Foundation Trust, Abstract 918

17:00 - 17:10 - Comfort Break and Poster Viewing

17:10 - 17:30 - Managing the febrile infant - An Interview

Interviewee: Professor Nathan Kupperman, University of California, Davis School of Medicine Distinguished Professor, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, Bo Tomas Brofeldt Endowed Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Interviewer: Dr Anastasia Alcock, PEM Consultant, Evelina London Childrens’ Hospital

17:30 - 17:45 - Updates in Head Injury and Concussion, Professor Silvia Bressan, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health – University of Padova

17:45 - 17:55 - PERUKI Update, Dr Niall Mullen, Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant, Sunderland Royal Hospital & Vice Chair of PERUKI

17:55 - 18:00 - Conclusions & Prize giving

18:00 - APEM Annual General Meeting (to be held separately on Zoom; joining details to be shared on the day)