Specialty symposium - British Association for Community Child Health

An afternoon exploring the latest advances in community child health with sessions delivered by experts in these field. This is part of the RCPCH Conference Online 2021 programme.
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Chaired by Dr Alice C B Setti and Dr Joanna Garstang

15.30-15:35: Welcome and Introduction, Dr A C B Setti

15.35-16:05: Keynote talk: What are the Challenges and Potential Solutions Facing Autism Diagnostic Service Delivery in the Covid Era?, Dr Ian Male and Dr Venkat Reddy

16.05-16.10: Questions for keynote speaker

16.10-16.20: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the U.K. and Ireland: A New Study

16.20-16.30: Routinely used interventions for improving attachment in infants and young children: an updated systematic review and comprehensive UK survey

16.30-16.40: Comfort coffee chatter break and posters

16.40-16.45: Welcome back, Dr Joanna Garstang

16.45-17.15: Keynote talk: How did Covid-19 affect the ability of frontline community based practitioners to safeguard vulnerable preschool children, Prof Jane Barlow.

17.15-17.20: Questions for keynote speaker

17.20-17.30: Innovative £50 headset and free app sent by post to manage glue ear - the most common childhood hearing loss - when services were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

17.30-17.40: Learning disability – how confident are we to make the diagnosis?

17.40-17.50: Implementing a Telehealth Autism Diagnostic Service in Barnet in Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

17.50-18.00: A few Unforgettable Memories working for BACCH by outgoing Chair, Dr Lisa Kauffman

18.00: Closing remarks and thanks, Dr A C B Setti, Outgoing Academic Convenor