St David’s Day Conference 2022

This year will see a return to a face-to-face event for this conference for paediatricians from across Wales. Over the last few weeks we have been keeping a close watch on the restrictions for events in Wales, and we are well aware that current guidelines would not allow for the conference to go ahead. As the conference is some time away, we are still planning a face to face conference but rest assured that we will continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you fully informed if there are any changes to the conference.

Wherever you’re based, this is the essential event for paediatricians working in Wales, and we have a fantastic range of the hottest topics to cover. We’ll be discussing the on-going issues around climate change, the Welsh Government’s health plan, soft landings, paediatric long COVID management in Wales, county lines and much more. You’ll have opportunities to join in with these and other key topics throughout the day.
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Meridian Gate
Bute Terrace
CF10 2FL
United Kingdom

Spaces available
Event fees: RCPCH Member - Consultant: £100; Trainees / Nurses / Allied Health Professionals: £70; Non-RCPCH Member: £150


The day will start with a welcome from Dr David Tuthill (RCPCH Officer for Wales). We will then hear from the new Chief Executive of the NHS in Wales, Judith Paget, who will give an overview of the Welsh governments’ health plan and how will it affect Paediatrics. Following this, we have a keynote speech ‘What does Climate Change mean to us in healthcare’, the speaker has yet to be confirmed.

Dr Ahmed Eissa (Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick) will be talking about team soft landings in his presentation ‘How to facilitate IMG’s with a smooth transition into our health boards’.

After a brief morning break, Dr Siske Struik (Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology) will update us on paediatric long COVID management in Wales. 

Chris Kerr is next up with his presentation about ‘We Can Talk’, a values-driven organisation working to improve the experiences of young people who attend hospital due to their mental health. Following on from this Kevin Hogan will be talking about county lines and sharing some children’s experiences. Dr Jenifer Evans (Consultant Paediatrician, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board) will then be presenting on PIMS TS and sharing parents' experiences.

After lunch we have a number of sessions on offer rather than offering breakout sessions. Our first session is from Dr Katherine Burke on ‘new modes of mechanical ventilation in preterm infants’. Following on from this Dr Stacey Callard will be discussing ‘What can we do as a department to tackle climate change’. 

Following a short afternoon break there will be an update on Health Rota and Trainee charter by Christian Bourne. Dr Paul Davis will then speak about spotting fabricated and induced illness. 

RCPCH President Camilla Kingdon will sum up and close the day. We will then handover to the wonderful celebratory event of the Paediatric Awards For Training Achievements (PAFTAs), where Camilla will speak again and present the awards.

Please note: We changed the date of the conference to 9 March. This is to accommodate the change over day planned on 2 March. We hope that altering that date will make it more convenient for attendees.


Time Talk Presenter
08:00 Registration opens  
08:55 Welcome David Tuthill
09:00 Welsh Government health plan – how will it affect paediatrics? Judith Paget
09:30 What does Climate change mean to us in healthcare TBC
10:00 Team soft landing – How to facilitate IMG’s with a smooth transition into our health boards Dr Ahmed Eissa
10:30 Morning refreshment break  
10:50 Paediatric Long COVID management in Wales Dr Siske Struik
11:30 We Can Talk Chris Kerr
12:00 County lines – child experience Kevin Hogan
12:30 PIMS TS… parents experience Dr Jenifer Evans
13:00 Lunch break  
14:00 New modes of mechanical ventilation in preterm infants Dr Katherine Burke
14:30 What can we do as a department to tackle climate change Dr Stacey Callard
15:00 Afternoon refreshment break  
15:30 Health rota and trainee charter update Christian Bourne
16:00 How to spot fabricated/induced illness Dr Paul Davis
16:30 Conclusion of the Day Dr Camilla Kingdon
16:45 Wales PAFTA presentations Dr Camilla Kingdon