Trainees session

Part of the RCPCH conference and exhibition 2019
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ICC Birmingham
United Kingdom

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Chairs: Sian Copley, Natalie Bee, Katie McKinnon

11:15    Welcome

11:20    Dr Dan Magnus: Trainee Wellbeing

11:50    Stepping up updatePeter Bale, Clare Hollingsworth, Louise Budd, Susie Deamer

12:00    MRCPCH Clinical Exam UpdateDan Crane

12:10    Progress updateDr Rachael Mitchell

12:20    Abstract 705: Balint groups enable paediatric trainees to learn from challenging doctor - patient interactions in the workplace. L Pountney

12:30    Abstract 253: Psychological Support for Trainee Paediatricians. C Illingworth

12:40    Abstract 688: The Newly Trained Paediatric Workforce: Trends from 2011 to 2015. MR Rogers

12:50    Abstract 420: Mental health awareness and mindfulness skills in primary school-aged children from ethnic minority backgrounds- a pilot health promotion programme. Z Ahmad

13:00    Lunch and Poster Viewing inc Poster Tour

14:00    Dr Allan Goldman: Human Factors and Learning From Errors

14:30    Show and TellDr Harriet Coleman, Dr Audrey Soo, Dr Hannah Jacob

14:50    Prizegiving for posters and oral presentations


  • Unexpected manikin death in simulation - how brief should the pre-brief be? Dr Tom Hogan, G402(P) 
  • Management of severe external tracheal compression. Dr Manisha Ramphul, G403(P) 
  • Improving the Stabilisation Of Premature Babies at Delivery - Encouraging Routine Use of Non-Invasive Respiratory Support, Dr Nitin Reddy, G404(P) 
  • Efficacy and Safety of Cyproheptadine as an Appetite Stimulant in Children and Adolescents, Dr Sarah Pais, G405(P) 
  • Clinical profiles, medical complications and quality of life of children diagnosed with thalassaemia major in Sri Lanka, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G406(P) 
  • Home related risk factors for accidental injuries in the paediatric age group, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G407(P) 
  • Non-Accidental Poisoning among Children in Rural Sri Lanka: A Two-Year Cross Sectional Study, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G408(P) 
  • Perceptions of Beta Thalassemia Major patients and their parents about medical students' history taking behaviour, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G409(P) 
  • Risk factors for acute unintentional poisoning among children aged 1 -5 years of rural community in Sri Lanka, Dr Kavinda Dayasiri, G410(P) 
  • Does Paeds Rock? Experiences of Paediatric trainees in Yorkshire and the Humber, Dr Melody Redman, G411(P) 
  • Influenza in Children; is there a pattern of adverse outcomes and are inflammatory markers predictive? Dr L Whilta, G412(P) 
  • Intubation in the neonatal unit- improving our performance and fostering human factor awareness, Dr Kathryn Ferris, G413(P) 
  • Tetralogy of Fallot with Right Aortic Arch and Retro-Aortic Innominate Vein, Dr Zhia Ning Lim, G414(P) 
  • A 'Virtual OSCE' for MRCPCH revision: an efficient and free tool pioneered by trainees for exam success, Dr Philippa Mikolajski, G415(P) 
  • A Simple Cost-Free Initiative to Promote a Culture of Excellence, Quality Improvement and Patent Safety, Dr Natalie Bee, G416(P) 
  • A feasibility study: What is the likely impact of introducing the Royal College of Radiologists’ standards (2017) for the investigation of suspected physical abuse? Dr Sarah Barrow, G417(P) 
  • The Factors Driving Overdiagnosis of Chest Sepsis in Children, Dr Rebecca Bradford-Duarte, G418(P) 
  • Parental satisfaction with junior doctor consultations, Dr Paddy McCrossan, G419(P) 
  • A case series on abnormal pulmonary vasculature, Dr Mathumoli Ranjan, G420(P) 
  • Seconds Count; a quality improvement project to reduce the time taken for frontline paediatric staff to find essential emergency equipment at a district hospital in Myanmar, Dr Tess Woodward, G421(P) 
  • Deep vein thrombosis and silent pulmonary emboli: diagnostic dilemmas and lessons learnt, Dr Jessica Pecqueur, G422(P) 
  • Teaching clinics in secondary care for undergraduate students; Achievable and affordable, Dr Emma Coombe, G423(P) 
  • Training for the MRCPCH exams – the London School of Paediatrics experience, Dr Katie Mckinnon, G424(P) 
  • Mental Well-Being Support for NICU Parents - A UK survey, Dr Caroline Storey, G425(P) 
  • Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up of Extremely Preterm Babies - Comparing current practice with NICE Guidelines, Dr Caroline Storey, G426(P) 
  • Managing bone health in children with neurological disability, Dr Natalie Thompson, G427(P) 
  • The Paediatric Family Project- A Buddying Scheme To Support New Trainees, Dr Stephanie Tolan, G428(P) 
  • Reducing length of hospital admission using a neonatal sepsis protocol, Dr Nichola Monks, G429(P) 
  • Reducing the stress of starting paediatric specialty training, Dr Shona Brothwell, G430(P) (
  • Close-contact care for unwell babies, Dr Sophie Parry Okeden, G431(P) 
  • All in the mind: A mindfullness tool for trainees, Dr Trisha Radia, G432(P) 
  • Trainees shape a new teaching schedule, Dr Eleni Syrimi, G433(P) 
  • Holding Hands: Making a Difference to Junior Doctor Wellbeing, Dr Olatokunbo Sanwo, G434(P) 
  • Paediatric Trainees: training and supporting the next generation of consultants, Dr Chin Kien Eyton-Chong, G435(P) 
  • Making Acute Paediatrics Less Intimidating for Foundation Doctors, Dr Clare Andrews, G436(P) 
  • Online survey examining return to work process for paediatric trainees, Dr Michelle Keane, G437(P) 
  • A multi-centre service evaluation of the use of high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in the management of infants with bronchiolitis, Dr Isobel Fullwood, G438(P) 
  • It’s time to standardise the duration of antibiotics for suspected early onset neonatal sepsis, Dr Hannah Devlin, G439(P)
  • The Emergency Epilepsy Readmission Rate in Children and Young People at a Large Tertiary Centre, Dr Poppy Flanagan, G440(P) 
  • Improving Paediatric Circumcision: Comparing post-operative complications with the addition of Dermabond in comparison to suture only procedures and incidence of Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans in patients, Dr Shervin Poladi, G441(P) 
  • Severe Acute Malnutrition Training: Addressing a skills deficit in northern Sierra Leone, Dr Laura Gabbott, G442(P) 
  • Understanding and usefulness of clinical governance activity among trainees, Dr Durga Sigdel, G443(P) 
  • Feedback in Paediatrics: identifying attitudes, perceptions and barriers to high quality educational feedback within regional paediatric training, Dr Laura Gabbott, G444(P) 
  • “Being Listened To”: A retrospective analysis of the subjective value of psychotherapist-facilitated staff support sessions for paediatric junior doctors, Dr Richard Daniels, G445(P) 
  • An interesting case of neonatal cardiac failure, Dr Debdutta Roy, G446(P) 
  • Right aortic arch in fetal screening. What should we do about it? Dr Sarah Oram, G447(P) 
  • Acute Kidney Injury in Neonates, Dr Anirban Ghosh, G448(P) 
  • The use of virtual reality headsets as a distraction technique in a paediatric Emergency Department, Dr K Knight, G449(P) 
  • A gargle a day keeps the bugs away: Can pineapple juice prevent upper respiratory tract infections keeping paediatricians healthy in winter? Dr Gracita Woods, G450(P) 
  • A Neonatal Guidelines App: Will it Improve Clinical Practice? Dr L Hutchinson, G451(P) 
  • Improving Accessibility to Teaching in a Large Paediatric Training Deanery, Dr L Price, G452(P) 
  • Stepping up to middle grade: A peer-led teaching session to improve confidence prior to transition, Dr Annie Colthorpe, G453(P) 
  • Persistently limping child.. think outside the box! Dr Ngozi Oketah, G454(P) 
  • Newborns attending the Emergency Department – A tsunami of unmet need? Dr Elizabeth Wortley, G455(P) 
  • Mindfull and Supported Return to Clinical Practice for Paediatric Trainees, Dr Trisha Radia, G456(P) 
  • Acute Cannabis Intoxication in an Infant, Dr Iona Morgan, G457(P) 
  • Mobile Health Apps: healthcare heaven or a digital drama?  Dr Vhari Forsyth, G458(P) 
  • Too busy for Breast? Dr Elizabeth Wortley, G459(P) 
  • Emergency antibiotic administration to children at high risk of sepsis – Using the golden hour, Dr Nicholas Richens, G460(P) 
  • Antibiotic therapy in high risk of sepsis emergency department patients – The debate about who should deliver the care, Dr Nicholas Richens, G461(P) 
  • Anaphylaxis NICE Guidelines: Are we following the guidelines or is there is still  a need to improve adherence? Dr Constantinos Petrides, G462(P) 
  • Training Tomorrow's Consultants: A Trainee Led Senior Paediatric Regional Advanced Training Programme, Dr F Blyth, G463(P)  

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