2021 membership fees and renewal notice

All RCPCH members will soon receive information by email about renewing their membership for 2021. This year, the RCPCH Executive Committee has decided to increase fees by 2%. This is the first subscription fee increase since 2019, following a freeze in 2020, accompanied by a substantial reduction for post-MRCPH trainees.

In addition, the Membership Committee has decided to divide our overseas subscription band into two groups to better reflect the working lives of our members in those countries.

We remain committed to rebalancing fees for trainees when possible but given the financial pressures imposed on the College by COVID-19, we are increasing fees by 2% to support our efforts to replenish reserves and ensure the sustainability of the College.

Ordinary Members and Fellows based in low or lower-middle income countries will now pay 15% lower fees than previously, while Ordinary Members and Fellows in high or upper-middle income countries face an increase of 5%, which works out at just £6-8 more than the 2% increase which is being applied across the board.  

A full list of which countries fall into which bands can be found on the World Bank website.

2021 subscription fees

Membership type UK rate Europe / North America rate Rest of world - upper middle income tier rate Rest of world - lower middle income tier rate
Fellow £586 £422 £277 £224
Ordinary member £482 £358 £236 £191
Ordinary member (in training)* £369 N/A N/A N/A
Junior member* £105 N/A N/A N/A
Associate member* £269 £254 £67 £67
Senior Fellow/Senior member £84 £84 £84 £84
Affiliate member £67 £67 £67 £67

Additional information about subscription fees

  1. Fees for UK Fellows, Ordinary and Associate members include two levies to support the College's international work in low resource settings which are as follows: Visiting Fellow levy (£5) and Overseas levy (4% of membership fee).
  2. Memberships for Honorary Fellows, UK Foundation doctors and medical students remain free.
  3. The subscription to Archives of Disease in Childhood is included as a membership benefit for Fellows and Ordinary members. All other members can add a subscription to the journal at the reduced additional fee of £100 per year.