2024 Awards Nominations

The nominations window for James Spence Medal, Honorary Fellowship and RCPCH Members’ Award is open for our 2024 award selection.

Our 2023 Winners will be announced at our Annual Conference held in Glasgow.

Three of our awards are currently open to receiving nominations, and we are looking to receive from as many members as possible. Individuals can now be put forward for the James Spence Medal, Honorary Fellowship and the RCPCH Members’ Award.

James Spence Medal

The James Spence Medal is the highest honour awarded by the College. It is given for outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the field of Paediatrics. It is presented to individual(s) working in the UK or in any country of the British Commonwealth within the field of clinical or social paediatrics

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Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship is awarded by the College to a small group of individuals both paediatricians and non-paediatricians who have demonstrated a significant contribution to Paediatrics and Child Health. Their work can be shown through research, education, clinical service or leadership.  

The three categories we currently award Honorary Fellowship in are:

  • Clinicians UK
  • Clinicians International
  • Non Clinicians

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Members' Award

The RCPCH Members’ Award celebrates members who have undertaken exceptional work in support of child health and paediatrics. This award is to highlight the work of our Members who may not be eligible for Honorary Fellowship or other awards.

In their practice, recipients must demonstrate exceptional work in line with the College’s objectives. This work can be over a sustained period of time or a singular project, or piece of work of national, or international importance. The Members’ Award can be issued jointly for one singular project.

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