5x5: Helping Trainees

How have we worked together with trainees as a College? This summer we celebrate 25 years of RCPCH, and we're looking at five achievements in five areas. This 5x5 looks at how we help trainees.

We worked with the Trainee Oversight Committee to produce your Trainee's Toolkit, Trainee Charter and Reasonable Adjustments guidance

Together, we improved ePortfolio by putting the Curriculum front and centre, and publishing video guides for use

We have promoted careers in paediatrics, and adapted and evolved the recruitment process with your input as well as supporting you throughout your career through #ChoosePaediatrics

We considered the future of paediatric training, consulted extensively with trainees and trainers, and used this to inform our Progress+ work

We maintained support through COVID-19 by moving training events and exams online, and working with the regulator to produce urgent new training guidance