Be ready – because it’s time for Progress!

Today we launch RCPCH Progress, our new paediatric curriculum. Christine Pierce, Clinical Lead for Curriculum at RCPCH, shares her thoughts on what this means.

"We move away from a knowledge-based curriculum to one of outcomes."

RCPCH Progress replaces a curriculum that had last been updated in 2010 and was felt to be out of date and unwieldy. We move away from a knowledge-based curriculum to one of outcomes: Progress clearly describes what a paediatric trainee must be able to do at each stage and by the completion of their training.

RCPCH Progress is the first curriculum approved under the GMC’s (General Medical Council) standards, Excellence by design, which describe the requirements for medical curricula. It was developed with the support of over 170 children and young people, 50 parent/carer groups and more than 200 clinicians, both consultants and trainees.

Some features:

  • Has high level learning outcomes that outline the broader skills needed by doctors in the NHS
  • Emphasises safe and effective patient care
  • Clearly describes the generic and specialty-specific learning outcomes that the trainee needs to evidence to complete their training
  • Promotes excellence and transferable skills
  • Flexible and adaptive

RCPCH Progress prepares the paediatric trainee with the skills they will need today and for the NHS workforce of the future.

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