Council meeting summary - June 2019

The College's Council last met on 6 June 2019. The main topics discussed were an update on the Annual Conference 2019, the Workforce Census 2019 and the RCPCH Ambassador Programme. Further details of items discussed are below.
  • Council reviewed the President's report, including Professor Viner’s involvement in the Transformation Board that is set up as part of the NHS Long Term Plan
  • An update on the RCPCH Conference and exhibition this year: the use of different themes for each day was well received, and attendance was strong as well as being the best attendance to date on the final day.
  • The plans for the Workforce Census 2019 and the request to the National Officers and English Area Officers to start promoting the importance of completing the Census. 
  • The creation of an RCPCH RCPCH Ambassador programme to support local areas in delivering the outcomes as presented in the NHS Long Term Plan. 
  • An update and a workshop on the RCPCH paediatrics careers campaign that will address current paediatric recruitment issues, and result in recommendations on how to retain the current workforce.