Council meeting summary - October 2018

The College's Council met on 18 October 2018. The main topics discussed included a review of membership categories, an introduction to Paediatrics 2040, our two-year project to set the vision for our specialty, and updates on our winter pressures survey. Further details are below.
  • The CEO management report over the last quarter and specifically:
    • the end of a successful Financial Year
    • the Board of Trustees’ Away Day resulted in seeing how RCPCH can focus on digital engagement to meet the needs of members.
  • President’s report and specifically the President’s involvement leading into the NHS Long Term Plan in England – to get children and young people higher up on the priority list.
  • An update on the Council Terms of Reference to reflect that a second representative of RCPCH Trainee members is now a Council Member in addition to the Chair of RCPCH Trainees’ Committee
  • An update on Membership Work where a review of the membership categories will take place but not before subscription year 2020 – a sub group of Council will be created to look at membership restructuring.
  • The Paediatrics 2040 project was introduced. The aim of this project is to better understand how paediatrics will function as a discipline in 2040 – how, where and how many paediatricians will be working in the future. The results of this project will also reflect on what the sense of burden of disease will be and what the future model of care will look like. Four pieces of work will be looked at:
    • data
    • working lives, training & workforce
    • models of care
    • future challenges / opportunities.
  • An update on Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and specifically an event organised by NHS England on 3 October 2018 for people who are leading work on the integration of CYP services across STPs and integrated care systems to contribute to the long term plan for the NHS. Council discussed the slowing down of STP activity and Area Officers are reaching out to their STP leads to investigate STP activity – encouraging STP leads to join NHSE events on STPs.
  • An update on the Winter Pressures Survey where for the first time standards were accompanied with an audio toolkit which RCPCH piloted and received results from 15 sites across four nations. The main issues that were flagged are:
    • workforce – lack of beds
    • health promotion advice for emergency physicians
    • absconding policies
    • mental health.