Due diligence update

The overwhelming majority of RCPCH respondents to a 2016 consultation said that RCPCH should accept funding from commercial organisations including formula milk companies (FMC) and allow them to advertise specialist products, subject to a robust set of safeguards being in place.

The safeguards which apply to advertising specialist formula milk products are set out in the RCPCH due diligence policy.

Over the last year we have communicated our due diligence processes to major formula milk companies. To date, Danone has met our criteria.

RCPCH will therefore be continuing a relationship with them on the understanding that we will maintain an open and transparent way of working, including keeping their activities and policies under review. 

The implementation of the due diligence process, supported by members, is allowing the RCPCH to expand its activity to the benefit of infants, children and young people.