Member survey 2021

You said we did... your feeback really matters to us, and that's why we've put together examples of tangible changes we've made since the 2020 survey.

Update: The 2021 member survey is now closed as of end of Wednesday, 22 September.

We know there's always more we can do to support you, so we hope you take ten minutes to complete our new member survey and help shape your College.

In the 2020 member survey, you told us your top priorities for the College in tackling inequalities were to focus on underrepresented children and young people communities and ensuring diverse speakers and panellists at events

We produced our Working for Change reports where we set out our future ambitions across equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the College. Health Outcomes for Children and Young People (PDF) highlights our ongoing work to support underrepresented communities across the work with children and young people undertaken by RCPCH &Us and our research and audits team. Our College (PDF) includes a focus on events, and a promise to share more data on speakers whilst working to improve accessibility of our events. 

You told us that our volunteer roles weren’t always clearly advertised and suggested we encourage more volunteers by offering shadowing and making our committees less London-centric

We have been working to deliver our work to improve representation in volunteer roles, and have recently published our One Year On report (PDF) with a full update on the work we’ve already done to improve how we communicate our volunteer opportunities and celebrate the stories of our volunteers.

Our committees are now more inclusive, supported by the move to digital meetings due to the pandemic that we’ll be retaining as we return to our normal ways of working. Work to develop reciprocal mentoring and shadowing/observer opportunities is in progress and we hope to have launched both by the end of 2021.

Member survey 2020 | You said: You told us that you loved the content of Milestones magazine, but wanted the option to access it electronically. We did: We launched a new email alert for Milestones, allowing some of you to opt out of receiving the hard copy

You said that you wanted briefings about the issues affecting children and young people

  • We created a youth friendly services video, which is now included in training sessions through the QI Collaboratives and was part of the Paediatricians in Medical Management session at RCPCH Conference.
  • We are currently piloting an approach to children and young people'svoice in integrated care systems, due to be published early September.
  • We ran sessions on breaking down barriers to children and young people's involvement locally at RCPCH Conference this year.
Member survey 2020 | You said: You said that you were concerned about the disruption of COVID-19 during training progression | We did: We adapted our START assessment to remotely assess over 500 trainees, a 50% increase

You said you’d value training on how to run engagement projects with children and young people

  • We delivered a number of Grand Round sessions and training sessions to health trust boards, QI collaboratives on engagement. (Currently 980+ healthcare professionals have had some training input from us in 2020/21.)
  • We developed a training programme with young people, parents, carers and paediatricians looking at the theory of engagement, practical tools and skills needed to succeed. The pilot starts in August with a full programme hoping to launch in October 2021.
  • We launched Recipes for Rights last September, including 15 activities to support discussion about children’s rights in practice and guidance on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). We also supported submissions to all four nations civil society reports to the UN Committee in November/December 2020 who are currently reviewing the UK on the UNCRC; these wer shared to members in eBulletins and on this website.

You told us your top priorities for the College in tackling inequalities were to focus on underrepresented children and young people's communities

  • We published an open letter signed by 2,970 paediatricians in support of a high-profile campaign by football player Marcus Rashford, urging the UK Government to extend free school meals during the school holidays.
  • We joined the Inequalities in Health Alliance.
  • We produced guidance on the NHS charging regulations to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to advocate for migrant children and their families.
  • We are part of the Keep the Lifeline campaign, calling on Government not to go ahead with the £20 a week cut to Universal Credit payments, which would push 200,000 more children into poverty overnight. 
Member survey 2020 | You said: You said that paediatric training should be more flexible to meet your needs | We did: The Progress+ curriculum has been approved by the GMC, making indicative training time shorter and offering greater flexibility

You said we should focus on campaigning for better funding and support for paediatric services 

You said that producing advice for parents and families during COVID-19 was helpful 

  • We published advice to help new parents during the pandemic.
  • We launched a suite of winter posters to support families, young people, and children in accessing healthcare.
  • We produced advice for parents and carers concerned that their children may be developing eating disorders
  • We published advice for parents and carers on fever in children.

Update: The 2021 member survey is now closed as of end of Wednesday, 22 September.