New challenges for today's children - a focus on health promotion at St David’s Day Conference

Dewi Dyfrwr (‘David the Waterdrinker’) was reputed to have consumed only leeks and water, with his monks following a simple, austere life. The 'Generation Z' and 'Generation Alpha' children growing up in Wales today have totally different challenges. This year's conference - on Thursday 27 February in Cardiff - concentrates specifically on child health promotion.

This event has now passed.

The day will start with an overview of health promotion and policies in Wales by Dr Frank Atherton (Chief Medical Officer for Wales) and Dr Amrita Jesurasa (Public Health Wales). Dr David Tuthill (RCPCH Officer for Wales) will then give us an update on Wales’ performance against RCPCH recommendations in the upcoming State of Child Health review.

A number of UK experts will update us on the current evidence and recommendations regarding vaccinations, sleep and screen time for children. Mercy Shimbemba and Dr Jennifer Evans will then discuss the difficulties with promoting good health in the setting of a professional relationship between a doctor and child with chronic disease.

After a wonderful lunch, the Public Health Wales teams will organise breakout sessions covering a number of important national programmes such as ‘Make Every Contact Count’, ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’, ‘First 1,000 Days’, ‘Wales Obesity Strategy & Nutrition’, ‘Healthy School (& Preschools) Programme’ and ‘Safeguarding’. Attendees will be able to attend three of the sessions.

Dr Chris Van Tullekum will then challenge our thinking by highlighting the potential effects of industry in public health messaging. 

We'll close the day with a wonderful celebratory event (with nibbles) of the Paediatric Awards For Training Achievements (PAFTAs), after an inspiring talk from Dr Dan Magnus on staff wellbeing, highlighting the importance promoting healthy behaviours in our staff.