NNAP photo competition 2019

Has your baby been cared for in a neonatal unit in England, Scotland or Wales? Enter our competition! We'd like photos that tell a story about your baby’s care. We'll use some of the photos in our reports.

What is the National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP)?


The NNAP helps neonatal units to improve the care they provide to babies who need specialist treatment. This includes babies who are born too early, with a low birth weight or who have medical conditions. We use information about the care of these babies to help hospitals to improve the care and outcomes for other babies in the future.

Each year, the NNAP produces a national annual report and a parent and carer guide to the audit, Your baby’s care. The national report recommends how we can improve neonatal care in England, Wales and Scotland. We also publish the full NNAP report and information about each hospital on NNAP Online.

This year we want to include your pictures and stories in our reports to help us show why it’s so important to continue to improve care. 

How to enter

We’re looking for pictures that show the following aspects of you and your baby’s experience:

  1. Looking after baby at the time of birth
  2. Your baby getting help breathing
  3. Getting involved with your baby’s care
  4. Soothing your baby while they receive treatment
  5. Your baby getting help feeding (tube feeding, breastfeeding and expressing for baby)
  6. Your baby on the unit and at two years old

You can enter up to one photo per category. The deadline for entries is 23:59, Sunday, 30 June 2019, . 

After the deadline, we'll select at least one photo per category to be used within our reports. We'll also select one photo from all entries for our national report's front. . These selected photos may also be used in other NNAP promotional materials and in our future publications.


  • Read the terms and conditions, and complete the entry form - you can download these below
  • Save your photo as a high-resolution JPEG file. We recommend a resolution of 300 dpi wherever possible. You can submit a lower resolution photo but we may not be able to use it on the front cover of the report.
  • Email your completed entry form and photo(s) to us at nnap@rcpch.ac.uk

You can find out more about how NNAP uses information about babies in neontal units. If you have any questions, please contact us at nnap@rcpch.ac.uk or 020 3861 1910.