No time to carry out child health research? Complete our short survey

We believe that child health research should be embedded as part of every paediatrician’s training, and throughout their careers. From June 2019 to 10 January 2020, we invited paediatricians working as consultants, SAS doctors and/or CCT holders to complete 2019 Participation in Child Health Research survey.

This survey is now closed.


We conducted our Participation in Child Health Research survey in 2015, and found that 81.6% of respondents did not have PAs (programmed activities) for research in their job plans. Among consultants, 80.1% did not have PAs in their job plans for research while over half (50.8%) did not undertake any research work at all.

Our latest workforce census also reports evidence that many full time consultant contracts are not meeting the BMA standard of 2.5 SPAs (supporting professional activities), reducing the time available for conducting research.

To support our members in maintaining and increasing research capacity, we hope to find out whether there have been any changes in child health research since our 2015 survey in:

  • the level of paediatricians’ involvement in research
  • barriers to conducting research
  • the capacity for research within the workforce
  • whether there are any regional differences in research involvement
  • attitudes towards - and the level of support available for - the involvement of public and patients in research.

We invited all consultants, specialty and associate specialty (SAS) doctors and CCT (certificate of completion of training) holders to complete the survey (which is now closed) regardless of whether or not you they were involved in research.

If you have any queries about this survey, contact the Research & Evaluation Team by email: or by phone: 0207 092 6080.