Our new website is launched

Welcome to your new look RCPCH website! We hope like the new mobile-friendly design and find what you are looking for. We have changed things quite a lot. There may be teething issues, so please bear with us and help us to make the site a success by letting us know any issues – there are some contact details below.

Some of our new features

New main menu: on desktops and laptops, hover over to see everything under each heading. On mobile / tablet, use the ‘burger’ menu and drop down menus to navigate.
Quick links: look out for the Quick links item  on the main menu (available from all pages of the site) – this has essential links for members to some of our key online systems (like ePortfolio and Compass) and content.
Tagging: all our content now uses tags, making it easy to look at other items connected to a particular topic. Just click on the tag.
News listing: check out our latest news.
Resources area: we’ve put all our resources together, with some key areas collated for ease, but you can explore all our resources and use filters and tags to see everything related.

Frequently asked questions

I can't log in to the website.

Please refer to our general help page for advice.

My account is blocked. What do I do?

If you try to log in with the incorrect RCPCH number and/or password five times, your account will be blocked.

You can wait 10 minutes when it will become unblocked, and try again. Or, follow the link to reset your password. 

Where has my member dashboard gone?

You can access your account dashboard – so you can edit your details, contact preferences and interests, and apply for exams, through the My account link at the top of the site (once you’ve logged in).

You will also be able to customise your homepage based on the interests you select.

How do I find the information I need?

You can find information on the site in a number of ways. Through the main menus and through the search icon, where you can in addition use the filters to refine the results and click on the pink topic tags to see everything tagged with that topic.

If you still can’t find what you need, contact us

Something I linked to before has gone. How can I find it?

Many of our reports and guides can be found in our Resources listing.

We have re-written and revised the majority of the content for the site. Some items may have been replaced or are no longer current and have been removed.

Can I still access the other College-related websites?

Yes, we still have ‘single sign on’ – as soon as you’re signed in to your RCPCH online account, you can access the other sites you use.

Just go to Quick links to find the below, or follow the links:

Does it link to my SharePoint workspace, for example for Council or Board of Trustees?

No, you’ll need to sign in to this separately.

Which browsers does the website support?

We recommend the following browsers for viewing RCPCH’s website: Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), Microsoft Edge (latest), Internet Explorer version 10 or 11.

Users with earlier browser versions, particularly of Internet Explorer, may experience some styling discrepancies or issues on advanced functionality such as online payments. Follow the links on /terms-conditions in order to update your browser.

I’d like to contribute an article to the website

We would love to hear your suggestions for content! Please contact us with your idea and contact details (and RCPCH number if applicable) on website@rcpch.ac.uk.

How do I find out more about the web redesign project?

Please do contact us on website@rcpch.ac.uk with any particular questions you may have.