Penny for your thoughts? Feedback from the RCPCH members’ survey

Over 1,800 members responded to our survey, giving us an insight in to your ’ perceptions of the College, your membership and the challenges you face.

We want to share some on the findings along with what we intend to do with this feedback.

RCPCH membership

Overall member satisfaction has increased since the 2016 survey, with 61% of members ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with the services and support offered by their membership and only 6.5% ‘Dissatisfied’ or ‘Very dissatisfied’.

Of course, we will continue to work to improve satisfaction, and encourage members to share their feedback by emailing

The Archives of Disease in Childhood journal continues to be the most valued membership benefit, followed by child protection resources, regular communications sent to members, clinical guidelines and the RCPCH Conference and exhibition.

We recognise there is a lack of awareness around other services available to you - here’s a list of links to benefits you may not be aware of:

Did you know? The Child Protection Companion – an essential resource for all child health professionals – can now only be accessed via Paediatric Care Online. (As of 1 June 2020, the 'Companion' will rather be available on our Child Protection Portal, a new microsite on child protection and safeguarding.)

Education and training

When asked what members consider when deciding which courses and events to attend, the topic was the most important factor followed by location.

Did you know? In 2019, we have increased the number of events we host outside London, which now totals a third of all educational events. We will continue to work on increasing this to ensure members can access more local face-to-face events.

For future courses, members have indicated a desire to see more events focused on neurodisability, infectious diseases and respiratory medicine, with other suggestions including cardiology, neonatology and neurology.

We already run events of a range of specialist areas, including neonatology and cardiology. See the full list of RCPCH events

We also wanted to know what members look for at our flagship RCPCH Conference and exhibition. The keynote talks ranked highest followed by sub-specialty workshops and general paediatric sessions.

This year’s conference returns Birmingham from the 13-15 May, we hope to see you there.

Did you know? The line-up of keynote speakers for this year’s RCPCH Conference and exhibition has been confirmed and you can see the conference programme.

Supporting our members

To help us plan for the future, we wanted to know how we can best support members and when given the choice, survey participants indicated they favoured clinical guidelines over service standards and position statements.

This is something we will take in to account for future activities.

How should the College address UK workforce issues? We are all aware of the increasing pressures faced by the healthcare workforce and we work to assist members where it is possible. When asked how the College should focus its attentions, the most popular answer was to influence the NHS and workforce planning bodies across the four nations.

This is something our Policy and External Affairs Division will continue to do to ensure your voice is heard and you are supported.

Engaging children and young people

Many respondents indicated that they would like some support in engaging young people in the care they receive. Our RCPCH &Us network was created to help us engage with young people and their families and we are working further expand these activities.

Go to the RCPCH &Us webpage to find out more

Staying in touch

When it comes to communicating with members, most survey participants indicated email as a favoured way of contacting you with the latest updates.

Did you know? You can indicate your clinical interests and choose the communications you receive via your online RCPCH account. Simply log in to your account where you can set your interests and contact preferences.

We are always listening and we want to hear from you – if you have any further feedback, please email us at