Progress: Signing off Level 2 training

This guidance explains the completion of Level 2 in paediatric training under the current curriculum, Progress.

There are no minimum time requirements for level 2 training anymore, as it is now completely capability-based. However, it would be unusual to complete level 2 training in less than one year full time equivalent in relevant posts, unless the trainee has good evidence of capabilities achieved in non-training posts.

All evidence needs to be demonstrated on RCPCH ePortfolio through work-based assessments, reflection and development logs with linkage to relevant curriculum items and satisfactory clinical supervisor reports.

Most trainees will need some neonatal middle grade experience to demonstrate acute and procedural capabilities in a middle grade capacity, but this may vary depending on prior experience, progress and planned future career path.

General Paediatric and Community capabilities can be achieved in one placement as long as care is taken to gain and document all capabilities relevant to General Paediatrics and Community Paediatrics and to link them to the curriculum. General Paediatric experience will need to be achieved as outlined in the curriculum and include evidence of understanding of common paediatric acute and chronic conditions and their management. Minimum requirements for Community capabilities will be as per the Level 2 Progress curriculum (Learning Outcome 9) and largely relate to safeguarding capabilities and application of knowledge of the adoption and fostering system.

While the focus of clinical capabilities may vary depending on the planned future career pathway, it is vital that the generic capabilities particularly around professional behaviours, communication, team working, leadership and decision making are evidenced to ensure that trainers and trainees have confidence that the trainee is ready to enter specialty level training in general paediatrics or sub-specialty.

Doctors in level 2 are advised to have discussion with their educational supervisor and their Training Programme Director (TPD) to plan the remainder of their level 2 training and the time of their transition to speciality training. Progression to speciality training in September 2023 will not be possible without sign off of level 2 capabilities. Doctors appointed to a sub-specilty post will only be able to take this up if level 2 training has been signed off at ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) before September 2023.


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