RCPCH ePortfolio - updates to layout from late October

We are making some improvements to your ePortfolio - going live from the week of 26 October - to help you track your training against the Progress curriculum. Your ePortfolio will be more clearly aligned with the domains, learning outcomes and key capabilities that you need to achieve to progress through your training. We give a brief explanation of what to expect.


Our curriculum, RCPCH Progress, is set up over three levels and is a tiered system of domains, learning outcomes and key capabilities. These are mapped against the GMC (General Medical Council) General Professional Capabilities to form the basis of your training.

The generic Progress curriculum has 11 domains. Each domain has three learning outcomes, based on training levels; ;earning outcome 1 is for Level 1 training (ST1–ST3); learning outcome 2 is Level 2 (ST4-5); learning outcome 3 is Level 2 (ST6-8).

Each learning outcome includes the key capabilities that you need to demonstrate in order to complete your current training level.

This simple chart demonstrates how these work:


RCPCH ePortfolio is your online system to track your training progress. Although your ePortfolio has access to all three training levels, you need to focus on your current level and ensure you complete the key capabilities before any key progression point. (The key progression points are moving from ST3 to ST4, from ST5 to ST6 and from ST8 to certification.)

Updates to ePortfolio

We are making some improvements to your ePortfolio, which will go live in the week of 26 October. We'll provide more detailed guidance, but the below gives you some insight into what to expect.

We are not changing our assessment strategy nor building a new ePortfolio, All the information, events and documents you now have in your ePortfolio will continue to be available. The changes we're making are about how these display, allowing you and your educational supervisor to track your progress and complete the learning outcomes more effectively.

So you will continue to link your events to the relevant key capability, focusing on one or two key capabilities across no more than two learning outcomes, and with a strong focus on the content of the assessment.

Once we make the updates, your curriculum will display in Goals feature. 

This screenshot shows what your updated dashboard will look like:


You'll attach evidence to each key capability.

Your educational supervisor will check the validity of your evidence against the curriculum. They'll decide whether you have completed the learning outcome at your current level. And, they can then check your Goals and change the rating from 'In progress' to 'Achieved', adding any comments.

Goals are level-based. You can only expect to complete all 11 learning outcomes once you are approaching a progression point. In level 3 you will also have access to your general paediatric level 3 curriculum or your sub-specialty curriculum, which will also be displayed as goals.

When you select the domain title, you'll see the specifics of the learning outcome for this level, as shown in this screenshot.


You will be able to link to new events in this section. You'll also be able to view which events have already been linked to each learning outcome.

New supervision form

We are also updating the supervision form to make the progression process easier and more efficient. As a trainee you'll have access to one supervision event which houses all the supervision forms you need. 

This screenshot shows a listing of the supervision forms.

Each supervision form will include brief text that explains what the form is used for and gives best practice. Do read this!

New overview of your curriculum

You'll be able to see an overview of your curriculum in the options bar at the top of your screen in Goals, as shown in this screenshot.

This shows the set of goals for each level, and the number of events linked to each goal. (The number represents how events are attached to this goal, not the number of tags against it.)

What's new - for supervisors

Supervisors will be able to mark the goal here from your account, as shown in this screenshot.

Once you as a trainee have completed your learning outcome for this level, your supervisor can mark this as 'Achieved', as shown in the next screenshot. This is for the entire training level, not the post or year you are currently in. 

Once your supervisor has signed this off as achieved, this will be visible in the list of Learning Outcomes, as shown in this screenshot.


If you think that your level, role or the curriculum access you have on your ePortfolio is not correct, or if you have any questions, email us on training.services@rcpch.ac.uk.

Again, we'll publish more detailed guidance about how to use the updated ePortfolio. You can stay up to date by following us on Twitter @RPCH_trainees.