Trainees - let us know your experiences of research in our five-minute survey

We believe that child health research is an essential pillar of every paediatrician’s training and career. Through the new College Trainee Research Network, we invite every trainee member to complete our short survey to help us understand how we can better support you in this area.

We'd like to hear from all paediatric trainees around the UK - whether or not you're currently involved in research. Our survey has 18 questions, and should only take about five minutes to complete.

We need you! Please complete our short survey on participation in child health research. We want to hear your views!

Dr Hannah Vawda - Co-chair, RCPCH Trainee Research Network

Your responses will help us develop the network, shaping trainee support to participate in research at the level that’s right for you, and build capacity to meet trainees’ needs.

Dr Eva Wooding - Co-chair, RCPCH Trainee Research Network

We'll use the survey results to identify both the opportunities and barriers to doing research in training, and determine how we as a College can better support all trainees in this area.

Complete survey by Friday, 13 August, 17:00

If you have any queries or problems completing the survey, please contact Wingsan Lok by email at or by phone: 0207 092 6080.