An update on your membership subscriptions for 2019

We have frozen both subscriptions and training fees for RCPCH approved trainees, and increased subscriptions for other membership categories by 2%, in line with inflation. We've also kept our free membership for medical students, foundation year doctors and honorary fellows.

Membership subscriptions 2019

We recognise that middle grade rota gaps and ever-increasing service pressures are creating significant challenges for our members, especially those in training.

Dr Lisa Kauffman, Honorary Treasurer

With this in mind, the RCPCH Executive Committee has agreed to freeze 2019 membership subscriptions and training fees for RCPCH approved trainees. All other membership subscriptions will increase by 2% in 2019, in line with RPI (retail prices index) inflation.

These are the 2019 subscriptions by membership type and location.

Membership type UK rate European Union /
North America rate
Rest of world rate
Fellow £574* £414 £264
Ordinary member £479* £351 £225
Ordinary member (in training) £470* N/A N/A
Junior member** £103 N/A N/A
Senior Fellow/Senior member** £82 £82 £82
Associate member** £264* £249 £65
Affiliate member (non-doctor)** £66 £66 £66


  • * Fellows, Ordinary members and Associates in the UK pay the Visiting fellowship (£5) and Overseas (4% of subscription) levies to support the RCPCH's global child health work in low-resource settings.
  • ** Archives of Disease in Childhood is available at an additional fee of £100 per year to Affiliates, Associates, Juniors, Senior Members and Senior Fellows.

Membership subscriptions for Honorary members, medical students and foundation doctors will remain free.

Payment due date and collection dates

Membership payments are due on 1 January.

If you pay by Direct Debit, the collection dates for 2019 have changed and are as follows:

  • Annual Direct Debit payments: On or within five days of 10 January
  • Monthly Direct Debit payments: First payment collected on or within five days of 10 January, and on or within five days of the 1st of each month thereafter

You can change the frequency of these payments on your online account - log in and go to 'Manage my membership'.

Membership concessions

If you would like to apply for a concession on your 2019 membership, please do so by 17 December 2018. Concessions on membership are available on the following grounds:

  • Working less than full time
  • Ordinary members and Fellows co-habiting with another RCPCH member
  • Parental leave
  • Trainees out of programme

Apply for a concession

Training fees

Role Annual training fee
Advanced Nurse Practitioners £45
Full-time trainee £217
Full-time non-approved trainee £112
Part-time non-approved trainee £69
Full-time non-run through trainee £137
Part-time non-run through trainee £92
Part-time trainee £130

Membership fees and training fees will continue to be collected together for trainees. 

Review of membership categories and fees

The professional life of a paediatrician has changed considerably since the categories were established over 20 years ago. And so, the College Council is undertaking a full review of the membership structure and pricing during 2019. Our aim is to ensure that our membership categories, fee structure and the concessions we offer are still fit for purpose and reflect the path that is available for paediatrics.