Children and young people’s engagement posters for RCPCH Conference 2022

We are looking for fantastic examples of children and young people getting involved in making a difference to child health across the UK so that we can share some of them at the RCPCH Conference in 2022!


We would like you to fill out this short form to tell us about your project. It might have been a brilliant one day event, a regular project over a year or a fantastic idea that then changed services and made them better by children and young people being involved.

The projects must have children and/or young people and/or parent carers involved in leading the action or good evidence of working with health staff (collaboration). The projects must have happened in 2021 and have helped more than five people (not including family members) and could have been in person projects or done online.

If you would like to talk to us about your project first please get in touch with . If you would like to talk to someone instead of filling out the form that is fine - email us and we will arrange a time to call you.

The deadline for giving us your project examples is 6 February 2022. Shortlisting will be done by the Children and Young People's Engagement Committee in March/April 2022. We will contact groups shortlisted to then make a poster explaining all about their project ready for RCPCH Conference 2022.

How to submit

To submit your engagement project as a young person, parent/carer or worker, go to our online submission form where you will be asked to complete the following questions:

  • Your name
  • Your email address or contact number (please only share if over 13 years old)
  • Select all that apply to you: I am a young person aged 13-25 / I am a parent or carer / I am a member of staff / other
  • Tell us about your child health project: What does your project do?
  • Where does your project take place?
  • Educate: How does your project develop skills and knowledge of children and young people and/or educate services and workers on what matters to them? 
  • Collaborate: how are children and young people are involved in your project?
  • Engage: how do children and young people lead within the project?
  • Change: what difference has your project made to the children and young people involved and to child health?
  • Which RCPCH &Us priority area does your project support? Mental Health / Creating child and youth friendly services / Improving access to health support (including online health services) / Child rights in health / other
  • If you could tell me about your project in one sentence...what would it be?
  • Do you have a project twitter? (if yes please tell us your project @)
  • Do you have a project website / webpage? (if yes please tell us the address)
  • Anything else you would like to tell us about your child health engagement project?
  • Declaration: Children under the age of 13 must NOT provide us with personal information without permission from their parent or carer. By selecting this box, you are confirming that you are aged 13 or over. 

Next steps

The RCPCH Engagement Committee who is made up of young people, parents/carers and paediatricians will review all the projects in 2022 and agree projects to create a poster to be shared at the RCPCH Conference 2022.  We will notify you in April 2022 if you have been successful and agree timescales for next steps. 

If successful, your poster will be designed by you but will be printed and put up at the conference by RCPCH &Us at no cost to you. You will not be invited to attend Conference if your poster is selected, as this process is different to the main abstract process.

Contact details

If you have any questions or queries about this process, please contact the Children and Young People’s Engagement Manager for RCPCH, Emma at ,  

Thank you and good luck with your submission!