RCPCH Conference and exhibition - programme at a glance

With our theme, Paediatrics: pathways to a brighter future, this is a must-attend conference for paediatricians and the wider child health team. We'll showcase inspirational keynote talks, some fantastic networking events and a wide choice of sessions that explore the latest clinical updates and policy developments.

RCPCH Conference and exhibition 2019 will bring together the paediatric community - in what is a turbulent time for the profession - to explore current challenges and how we can work together to secure a bright future for paediatrics and child health.

Each day will follow a theme and offer a mix of sessions to suit your interests. More sessions will be added as the programme develops, but below is an overview of the programme so far.

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Monday 13 May 2019 - Using evidence to underpin innovation


Using data and evidence-based rigour to improve child health
Professor Sonia Saxena, Professor of Primary Care and Head of Child Health at Imperial College London

Using healthcare improvement methodology to enhance outcomes for mothers and children
Dr Pierre Barker, Chief Global Partnerships and Programs Officer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Seminars and workshops

Impact of research on general, acute and emergency paediatrics now and in the future
Dr Vanessa Poustie, Assistant Director, Medicines for Children Research Network Women's and Children's Health

The mouth: Where dentistry and paediatrics meet
Dr Claire Stevens, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry and President British Society of Paediatric Dentistry

Public health for paediatricians: How can health promotion support my paediatric practice?
RCPCH Health Promotion Team

The role of the paediatrician in the recognition and response to FGM (female genital mutilation) in the UK
Dr Deborah Hodes, Consultant Community Paediatrician and Designated Doctor in Child Protection, London Borough of Camden and University College London Hospitals

Press, politics and paediatrics: How are child health issues portrayed in the media?
RCPCH Media and External Affairs Team with Guest Speaker tbc

Engaging trainees to harness digital and technological innovation to improve paediatric care
Informatics for Quality Committee

A practical workshop exploring the ethics or research involving children, young people and their families
Dr Hugh Davies, Former Research Ethics Advisor UK Health Research Authority

Health checking your service using a three module programme: Integrated models of clinical care and clinical networks
Paediatricians in Medical Management Committee

Demystifying assessment tools for clinical and educational supervisors
Dr Helen Goodyear

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) and The Resuscitation Council (UK) will run their popular practical sessions on all three days to help you brush up on your skills

More sessions will be announced shortly

Special Interest Group sessions

  • Quality Improvement Committee
  • Child Protection Special Interests Group and Child Protection Standing Committee
  • British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition and Association of General Paediatrics
  • British Society for Paediatric Dermatology and British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology
  • British Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infection Group and British Paediatric Neurology Association
  • British Association of Perinatal Medicine
  • Nephrology and Special Interest (SPIN)
  • British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)

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Tuesday 14 May 2019 - Investing in our workforce


Improving care for all children: The importance of diversity
Ms Yvonne Coghill, Director - WRES Implementation Team, NHS England

Learning from excellence: A positive approach to safety and staff feedback
Dr Adrian Plunkett, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist and Head of Service, Birmingham Children's Hospital

Seminars and workshops

The cost of caring
Caroline Elton, Psychologist, and author of ‘Also Human’

Health checking your service using a three module programme: New workforce opportunities that support the best practice and sustainability
Paediatricians in Medical Management Committee

Recognising neuromuscular disorders: Driving down the average age of detection across primary and secondary care pathways
Dr Henriette van Ruiten, Clinical Research Associate in Neuromuscular Disease and Paediatric Neurology Grid Trainee and Dr Michela Guglieri, Consultant in Neuromuscular Diseases

Quality and safety of universal health coverage is a public health issue
Dr Peter Lachman, Chief Executive Officer, ISQua

Sustainability and reality in global child health development
Dr Sebastian Taylor, Head of Global Operations, RCPCH

Children affected by alcohol prenatally: A greatly unrecognised cause of disability
Dr Patricia Jackson, Co-Chair of the FASD guidance development group

Preparing for winter pressures
Dr John Criddle, Chair of the Intercollegiate Committee for Standards for Children and Young People in Emergency Care Settings, Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant Evelina, GSST

Working with children with complex healthcare needs and perplexing presentations/FII (fabricated and induced illness)
Dr Alison Steele, Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children, Great Ormond Street Hospital and RCPCH Officer for Child Protection

Myth-busting: CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration)
Stephen Beglan-Witt, Training Services Manager, RCPCH

Patient experience: Evaluating, measuring impact
Emma Sparrow, CYP Engagement Manager, RCPCH and Melanie Simpson, Research Evaluation Lead, RCPCH

Advanced clinical practice in paediatrics: A new faculty and new potential for multi-professional training
Dr Colin Morgan, Head of School (Paediatrics), Health Education England North West

UK Aspiring Paediatricians (including the final of the Tony Jackson prize)
Guest speaker: Professor Russell Viner

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) and The Resuscitation Council (UK) will run their popular practical sessions on all three days to help you brush up on your skills

More sessions will be announced shortly

Special Interest Group sessions

  • Paediatricians in Medical Management
  • Paediatric Mental Health Association and Children’s Ethics and Law Special Interests Group
  • International Child Health Group
  • British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group
  • Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • British Association of Child and Adolescent Public Health
  • British Association of Paediatricians in Audiology
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Society
  • Staff Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors (SAS) Committee


Enjoy views of the sunset over Birmingham at the RCPCH Conference Dinner that will take place up high in the Sky Gallery at Park Regis Hotel, from 19:30 on Tuesday 14 May.

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Wednesday 15 May 2019 - The future paediatrician


To be announced

Seminars and workshops

Technology transforming child health - changing the future of paediatric healthcare
Professor Paul Dimitri, Director of Research & Innovation at Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Brexit and children's medicines
Dr Helen Sammons, Consultant Paediatrician North Devon District Hospital

How burnout in doctors affects patient care, and what we can do about it
Dr Judith Johnson, Clinical Psychologist, School of Psychology, University of Leeds, and the Bradford Institute for Health Research

Spotting zebras! Overcoming the challenges of Kawasaki Disease diagnosis
Professor Robert Tulloh, Professor of Congenital Cardiology, University of Bristol and Rachael McCormack, Founder, Societi, The UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease

Neurodevelopmental challenges in Downs syndrome
Dr Mary Small and Dr Gita Croft, Downs Syndrome Medical Interests Group

A child's right to analgesia: Progress and challenges in assessing and treating pain in paediatrics
Dr Fiona Moultrie, Clinical Doctoral Fellow, Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford

Transitional care: New evidence to guide clinicians and managers
Emeritus Professor Allan Colver, Chief Investigator, NIHR Funded Research Programme on Transition of Young People with Long Term Health Conditions

Quality improvement: Human face of improving care - patient voice in planning and delivering QI
Dr Peter Lachman, CEO, International Society for Quality in Health Care

Health checking your service using a three module programme: Making change happen - prioritising children's health services in your organisation and region
Paediatricians in Medical Management Committee

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) and The Resuscitation Council (UK) will run their popular practical sessions on all three days to help you brush up on your skills

More sessions will be announced shortly

Special Interest Group sessions

  • Paediatricians with Expertise in Cardiology
  • Trainees Committee
  • Association for Paediatric Palliative Medicine and British Academy of Childhood Disability
  • British Association for Community Child Health and British Paediatric Respiratory Society
  • British Society of Haematology and UK Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group
  • British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • Young Persons Health Special Interests Group and Paediatric Educators’ Special Interests Group
  • British Society for the History of Paediatrics and Child Health

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