Articles and blogs written by RCPCH members and staff


Will you take on International Buy Nothing Day?

As the festive period begins and on International Buy Nothing Day, Dr Lucy Reynolds, a Community Consultant Paediatrician based in Glasgow, reflects on the environmental and developmental cost of modern materialism. As a member of the Climate Change Advocating for Change Working Group, she also disc...

Introducing Thrive Paediatrics - A framework for wellbeing, agency and sustainable staffing

RCPCH is pleased to announce Thrive Paediatrics! This programme of work will support paediatric clinicians to thrive and improve their lived experiences at work through the definition of workforce standards, developing a process for peer review and establishing the momentum for positive changes thro...

Leaving a Legacy – The Illingworth-Rees Memorial Lecture

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of Dr Gareth Rees and the Illingworth-Rees family, the inaugural ‘Illingworth-Rees Memorial Lecture’ took place at this year’s RCPCH Conference. This is a lecture series in honour of the life of Dr Corinne Rees and her parents, Dr Ronald and Dr Cynthia Illingwor...