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Richard Wilkinson presents at RCPCH Christmas Lecture

21 December 2012

Prof. Richard Wilkinson presents at RCPCH Christmas Lecture.

RCPCH launches vitamin D campaign

14 December 2012

Vitamin D deficiency is a growing problem amongst the UK population and the RCPCH has launched a position statement and campaign to tackle the issue..

RCPCH welcomes Academy consultant delivered care report

6 December 2012

Academy launchs report outlining a commitment to delivering high quality care to patients seven days a week.

Rare childhood disorders revealed in British Paediatric Surveillance Unit's annual report

30 November 2012

The British Surveillance Unit's annual report launches today, covering areas including HIV & AIDS; Vitamin D deficiency and Gender Identify Disorder..

St Andrew’s Day Paediatric Symposium

30 November 2012

Scottish paediatricians come together for the annual St Andrew's Day Symposium.

Pre-procedure pregnancy checking in patients under-16

21 November 2012

RCPCH launches new guidance on pregnancy checking for under 16s.

Time to ‘turn the tide’ on myths of child health research

20 November 2012

RCPCH calls for national vision to boost UK research into childhood diseases in Turning the Tide: Harnessing the power of child health research

Government publishes first NHS Mandate

14 November 2012

The first mandate between the government and NHS Commissioning Board has been published as part of the government's NHS reforms .

Children First: The Child Protection System in England

7 November 2012

RCPCH responds to the Education Select Committee report; Children First: The Child Protection System in England...

New tool for measuring children’s experiences in emergency settings launches

29 October 2012

RCPCH launches a new tool to measure the patient’s reported experience, designed ‘by children, for children’...