Cases of four-year-olds arriving at school unable to speak properly on the rise

According to The Daily Telegraph, the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has expressed concern over the number of children who are starting school without the ability to speak properly. In a survey of head teachers, 83% said children are not adequately prepared for school, a problem which they believe has worsened over the past five years.   

Failure to identify and support additional needs early enough was put forward as reason for a lack of preparedness when starting school, a problem said to be compounded by cuts to local council budgets and reductions in local services. Pressures on family life were also suggested as having an impact.

James Bowen, Director of NAHT, said: "The best way to help children is to engage with them, listen to them, talk with them - that is absolutely critical.

“The pressure of family life means you have less time to do that. Although some technology is great it won’t replace a conversation with a parent or sitting and reading a book together.”

The full story can be read on The Daily Telegraph website