Diabetes UK launch Food Upfront campaign

More than three quarters of the UK public believe cafes, restaurants and takeaways should display calorie information on their menus, so that customers understand the content of the food and drink they buy, a new survey from Diabetes UK has revealed.

The survey of 2,121 UK adults, conducted for Diabetes UK by ComRes, also found that three-in-ten people say they felt well informed about the nutritional information of the food they buy when they’re eating out.

The survey also revealed that eight-in-ten UK adults agree the Government should legally require that the food industry include traffic light labelling on all food and drink packaging.

The survey was published to coinside with the launch of Diabetes UK's Food Upfront campaign which calls on Government to:

  • commit to introduce mandatory front-of-pack traffic light labelling to all pre-packaged food and drinks, and
  • urge medium-to-large food establishments to provide customers with calorie information on their menus.

Responding to the launch, Professor Russell Viner, Officer for Health Promotion for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), said:

“The UK faces an obesity problem of epic proportions with PHE just this week confirming children and families are on average eating too many calories. The main action needs to be about reformulation behind the scenes - changing the food environment our families live in. But individual action is also important. We must arm families with the information they need in order to make healthy food choices - this information needs to be quick, clear and digestible. Traffic light labelling and the inclusion of calorie content on menus does just that.

“It will be much easier to drive down the UK’s high obesity rates if there is public support and with over 80% of the public backing mandatory traffic light labelling, this measure in particular clearly has that.

“The RCPCH fully support Diabetes UK’s Food Upfront campaign and its calls to Government will not just benefit diabetes sufferers but the wider public alike.”

Visit Diabetes UK's website to find out more.