Governance reform: what does this mean for you?

At the beginning of November, the College's new governance reforms took hold. But what does this mean for members?

It means a change in lines of communication. Where you would previously seek advice from the Regional Advisor in your region you can now contact the Regional Lead. Most Regional Leads were formerly the Regional Advisors. See your regional page to find out more about your Regional Lead.

The responsibilities of the Regional Leads are, among other duties:

  • Liaise with bodies concerned with specialty training - these include RCPCH Tutors, Educational Supervisors, Academic Regional Advisors, Heads of Paediatric Training Schools, LETBS / Deaneries, etc.) 
  • Liaise with trainees
  • Represent RCPCH by participating at Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panels and Record of In Training Assessments (RITAs)
  • Encourage and foster CPD activity and attendance
  • Responsible for regional lead representation and member engagement

The last point is now a shared responsiblility. This used to be the sole responsibility of the College's Regional Representatives who used to sit in Council. In the new structure, the College's Regional Representatives have been replaced by the 10 England Area and National Officers.

Overview New Regional and Council Structure (PDF, 311KB)

The Officers are responsible for representing views of members in their Nation / Area and each Nation / Area has two or three Regional Leads who will help with this task.

Find out more on your Regional Lead