Increase in Overseas Levy

RCPCH members will have noticed an increase in the Overseas Levy subscription contribution. We appreciate many of you will want to know the reason for the increase and to understand exactly where money from the Overseas Levy goes.

The RCPCH’s global child health work is mainly funded through charitable grants, but these grants do not provide sufficient financial cover for central costs of running our project management team. This has been recognised since the year 2000 when the Overseas Levy, a 2% additional subscription contribution from ordinary members and fellows, was introduced. 

The Levy rate has not increased since then, despite the RCPCH’s global activity increasing tenfold. Your contribution is therefore supporting a much larger amount of work, training and mentoring for  paediatricians in some of the world’s poorest countries.  The impact of our work has been significant – for example child mortality in hospitals where RCPCH Global works has fallen by as much as 60%.

View our Global Impact Report 2012-17 which gives information on the wide range of projects and the significant positive effect they’re having globally.

RCPCH’s global work also provides opportunities for members to work overseas, to learn about and contribute to global goals of improving child health and survival rates.  Our programmes are hugely popular with members, in particular trainees, with many saying working overseas has allowed them to become better clinicians themselves and to apply learning to their jobs within the NHS.

Members have always shown strong support for the RCPCH to grow its role in global child health and this now forms a central part of the College’s strategy.

It was with this in mind that the RCPCH’s Executive Committee and Membership Committee agreed that the Overseas Levy should be increased from 2% to 4%. We hope this helps demonstrates the need for the increase, and assures you of the positive impact this vital work is having on global child health.

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