infoKID evaluation report


A report has been produced which evaluates, an online resource of  information on kidney conditions in children and young people.

Download infoKID evaluation report (PDF 4.36MB)


infoKID launched in March 2014 to provide information on kidney conditions, tests and diagnoses, treatments and supporting information.

An evaluation has been completed to see how the website has been accessed since its launch and to understand how parents, carers and patients, and healthcare professionals use the website. 

Google Analytics data were accessed and surveys developed for parents, carers and patients, and healthcare professionals to gather feedback on their experiences and views of the infoKID website.

Key findings

  • Since infoKID’s launch there has been a total of 178,469 visits to the infoKID website; over 100,000 of these visits have been via a mobile device
  • Visits to the site have grown month-on-month, with an average of 8,500 visits per month
  • Parents, carers and patients who completed the survey find the website easy to navigate (90%), that the information is clearly organised (80%) and easy to understand (84%)
  • 90% of healthcare professionals who completed the survey are signposting families to the infoKID website
  • 95% of healthcare professionals who completed the survey believe infoKID is a useful resource for parents and carers of children and young people under their care
  • Parents, carers and patients would like to see a social forum and parent/patient stories added to the website so they are able to talk to and share experiences with other parents, carers and patients

Positive feedback 

“Excellent, reassuring resource. Definitely helped me as a parent sift through information. I felt less overwhelmed/isolated after knowing about this site. Thank you!!” (Parent/carer)

“Arguably one of the most useful developments in the last decade helping carers in the management of their children with kidney disease” (Healthcare professional)

Development for the future

  • Develop additional information for the website and link to resources available elsewhere
  • Explore the development a mobile friendly platform or app for the website
  • Increase promotion of infoKID by supporting healthcare professionals to signpost to infoKID