Levels of teenage pregnancy at their lowest since records began

BBC Health News reports that new figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal the numbers of conceptions in young people under the age of eighteen are at a record low. In 2015 there were 20,351 conceptions in under-18s, compared with 45,495 in 1969 when records were first produced.

The 2015 figure also represents a 10% drop in the number of conceptions from the previous year. Several factors could explain the recent reductions in numbers, including improved sex education in schools and greater access to contraceptives. 

The Times reported that Alison Hadley, who led the Labour government’s teenage pregnancy strategy, said: 

“The continuing decline reflects the ongoing commitment of councils, schools and dedicated local practitioners to support young people to make well-informed choices.”

However, she went on to say that there was more work to be done to address inequalities in provision, as the teenage pregnancy rate is six times higher in some local authority areas than in others.