NI Health Minister announces plans for legislation to protect mothers breastfeeding in public

Responding to the Health Minister's announcement for legislation to protect mothers breastfeeding in public, Dr David Millar of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), said:

“Any steps to encourage women to breastfeed should be applauded. The health benefits to mother and baby of breastfeeding are well known - breastfed babies are less likely to contract chest and ear infections, suffer from sickness and diarrhoea or become obese.

"But there remains a stigma associated with breastfeeding – particularly in public. Rates in Northern Ireland, as is the case across the UK, are amongst the lowest in Western Europe.

"There are many complex reasons why this is the case, but today’s announcement sends a powerful statement; women who breastfeed should be supported and encouraged. We look forward to seeing how this legislation will play out in practice.”

View the Department of Health's press release.