Professor Sir Ian Kennedy's review - 'Getting it right for children and young people - 16 September 2010

The RCPCH response to professor Sir Ian Kennedy's review - 'Getting it right for children and young people - Overcoming cultural barriers in the NHS so as to meet their needs' and the government's engagement document, 'Achieving Equity and Excellence for Children -16 September 2010

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), as a contributor to the review, welcomes the Kennedy Report. This is a crucial document for the future health of children and is particularly important given the recent Government Health White Paper has little to say about children.

We support Kennedy's emphasis on the joining up of the children's services. We also strongly support his emphasis on early intervention, as it helps to ensure the best outcomes for children and is a crucial investment for their wellbeing in later life. This requires making sure that any health professional, particularly in primary care, who sees a child has the skills to best support their needs. The RCPCH is fully committed to working with other professions to overcome the cultural barriers recognised by the Kennedy report.

The challenge now is how the Kennedy Report will fit in with the other changes proposed by the government that affect children. We, in particular, would like to see how joined up services for children will be delivered and would welcome the opportunity to help with this work.