RCPCH CPD scheme guidelines undergo major review

Following an extensive review of our CPD scheme policy during 2014/15, the RCPCH launches its new CPD scheme guidelines.  

The major changes to the scheme are:

  • The focus on credits is reduced: they are no longer a requirement and set limits on CPD credits for key activities have been removed
  • There is a greater emphasis on flexibility, balance and self-accreditation – any activity that you learn from can be recorded as CPD
  • There is a greater expectation that doctors should reflect on their learning, in line with GMC requirements
  • The CPD categories have been simplified

The first three changes underpin RCPCH recognition of the value of learning from a range of different activities, whether formal courses or ad hoc activities of relevance to practice. Much learning occurs outside formal courses and conferences and doctors should be able to self-accredit this learning.  In addition, while acquisition of CPD credits provides a useful steer for many doctors, the important focus needs to be on what has been learnt and its effect on practice. Thus, collection of CPD credits is no longer required, but recommendations are made for those who prefer to continue recording them.

Access the full guidelines, related FAQs and and At a Glance guide

RCPCH CPD Diary and web app upgrade

To coincide with the changes to the CPD scheme guidelines, and using member feedback from 2013 and 2015 CPD surveys, the online CPD Diary has been updated as follows:

  1. Simplified CPD categories of Clinical and Non clinical
  2. Single reflection field and improved prompts for activities and reflective notes
  3. Improved recurring activities - desktop only
  4. Reminder prompts to record learning – desktop only
  5. Link between reflective notes and PDP objectives – desktop only
  6. Revalidation domains report updated

Users’ existing data has automatically been re-mapped to the revised categories and reflection fields to provide an easy transfer to the new functionality.

An emergency save function has also been built into the diary, so that if information is logged but not manually saved (e.g. before a wifi connection interruption), the system creates a draft of the item on whatever device the user has created it on. The user can then find the 'incomplete' item and complete editing before manually saving the activity. It should not be relied upon to replace manual saving of items.

To access the latest upgraded software, users of the web app should delete the saved homescreen icon from their mobile device and clear any browsing/history cache before reloading the web app and saving it as an icon to their home screen. Users of the desktop CPD Diary should clear any browsing/history cache.

The modified diary and web app have been extensively tested but if any errors or bugs occur, do please email us at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk.

Access the latest web app and CPD Diary user guides and FAQs