RCPCH responds to the Chancellor's announcement on the Soft Drinks Industry Levy

Today the Chancellor announced the Government’s commitment to the Soft Drinks Industry Levy in his Spring Budget Statement. 

In response, Professor Russell Viner, Officer for Health Promotion at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said:

“This is a real victory for child health. Over a quarter of a teenager’s daily added sugar intake comes from soft drinks – and they have no nutritional benefit at all. A single can of cola contains 9 teaspoons of sugar; a huge 2 teaspoons more than the recommended daily allowance for a teenager. Government has realised its responsibility to limit the amount of added sugar in the nation’s diets, and alongside other measures it will undoubtedly help curb the growing obesity epidemic.  We’ve seen soft drinks manufacturers already begin to reduce the amount of sugar in their products so they don’t have to pay the tax. If this trend continues, it means not only will the health of the public benefit, but there will be no increase in price for consumers.”

Recommendations and findings from the State of Child Health on childhood obesity and reducing children’s sugar intake can be read in more detail on our website.

The OHA policy briefing and consultation response on the Soft Drinks Industry Levy can be found on their website.